7 Days Left…

What is it about birthdays that make me so mushy?


I’ve been trying to beat my unhealthy pattern of moping around when my birthday is coming up, but it’s been an uphill battle.

I have so much to be thankful for, actually. Maybe it’s the idea of growing older that gets me? Or.. well, there might be some deeper reason that I’d rather not admit? I’m not really sure… Or am I?

Anyway, I wanted to remind you all of my Special Birthday Request. It’s such a bummer that my laptop is being repaired, and it will last a few weeks. I might not be able to make my birthday video in time, but I’m still doing it.

The whole idea is to be who you are and to encourage others too.

Some of you have already sent me a message, and I am so happy for that. Thank you so much! For those who still want to participate in helping me make a special video, just send me an email at contactdailywarriors@gmail.com.

P.S. I do odd things when I want to cheer myself up, so here’s my jogging-chicken dance.




8 thoughts on “7 Days Left…

      1. Yes, it can, Liz….glad we have connections that mean there is someone who understands, cares, and is willing to share what works…thanks for making the time and effort…you are a light 🙂


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