Favorite Blog Posts 2016

Hi Daily Warriors!

I was lying in bed earlier today, listening to my “Breath of Air” playlist, looking outside my cave’s window, watching the clouds pass by… when I thought of posting this.

I’m not kidding. I took a short video of what my morning view looked liked for you. :p

Initially, I was going to browse through all my followers’ blogs to get to know each of you more deeply. But then, I had an idea!

Today, I’m asking you all what your favorite blog posts are from this entire year. I can go through the posts that mean the most to you, instead of reading stuff in random order.

So please put your favorite posts in the comments,

so I can check them out.


Here are my favorite blog posts:

Life Lessons from 2016 – a reflection on my entire year
Share Your Happiness – my blog’s happy corner where you can all contribute
Daily Weapons Against Negativity – things I always use to fight bad thoughts
Keep going, Daily Warrior! – a reminder to never give up
Photography: Should I Do It? – the final push that made me buy my first DSLR

You can repost this or share it as much as you want, as I like discovering more bloggers out there.

I look forward to getting to know you all a little bit more. ❤



14 thoughts on “Favorite Blog Posts 2016

  1. Hi Liz. I loved that cloud video and noticed you have a channel 😊 Your Christmas video was so lovely too! Really professional! I’ll have to try that software. Windows movie maker is basic (or at least how I use it, it makes it basic lol) 😆 I love the positivity in your blog 😁😘

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    1. Summer! I love hearing from you. I’d want to take credit, but it’s actually just picked from several templates. It’s really nice though, and fairly easy to use. (www.magisto.com)

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      1. I might try that one 👍 I’ve been fairly quiet, in terms of of WordPress interaction lately so I haven’t been leaving comments much, just doing what I need to do to stay sane 😵 The holidays are an overstimulation nightmare for an emotionally sensitive person 🙃 I love your blog. It’s a really nice one with a nice vibe cause it has a nice author 😁🙆❤

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        1. Ohhh I feel so nice! Haha! ❤ It really means a lot coming from you, maybe because I know how genuine you are. 😀

          I get what you mean.. I haven't been posting as much either (I think), but I try to post daily 'cause it helps my head declutter.

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