Photography: Should I do it?

When I was a senior in high school, my dad asked me what I wanted to do with my life.

I answered, “I want to be a photographer.”

He replied, “You don’t need to go to college for that.”

Any ideas I had of getting into photographyΒ were crushed then and there. I thought, it’s too expensive. It’s not for me. Maybe it’s just for those people who can afford the equipment that comes with it.

I fell back into a course that I wasn’t sure was for me… but I eventually ended up liking anyway.

Here I am, almost 10 years later.. with my love for people, nature, and interesting things… wondering if I should get into Photography. I’m scared that I won’t be good at it or that people will think I’m just going along with what’s trending (since there’s a lot getting into it now). But I can’t help but ask, “Why not?” Those are just negative ideas I shouldn’t entertain.

I’m thinking about buying this Nikon D7000 for starters. It’s on sale from a hobbyist near my office. He’s upgrading, so he’s selling this one.

Nikon D7000 body 5622242
-31K+ shutter count
-2 pcs EN-EL15 Batt
-Nikon Charger
-Nikon Strap
-Nikon Body Cap

Nikkor 55-200mm Lens

I know it’s better to buy a brand new one, but I can’t really afford it at the moment. If I buy this camera, I would have to use my extra money… and that means I might not be able to get people good Christmas gifts… maybe just simple ones.

Then again, I’ve been through a tough year and I think I deserve to treat myself with something I want.

ReasonsΒ I want to do this:

– New hobby
– Capture beautiful moments and fascinating things
– Dream of learning astrophotography
– Tell stories through pictures
– Documentation of events
– Joining Photo Challenges
– Treat for myself for being a strong daily warrior πŸ™‚

I don’t know why I’m even overthinking this. I should just do it, right?

What do you guys think?




***EDIT: I did it! Check out my Photoblog.***

54 thoughts on “Photography: Should I do it?

  1. I studied a photography A-level (I guess that’s your last two years of high school over there… maybe :D) Anyway, it was great. I think you should definitely go for it! The basics are easy to learn – and fun too. Affter that, the world’s your oyster! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you! I’m actually from the Philippines. We don’t have photography classes in high school. 😦

      Here, mostly rich kids study photography in college because the equipment is so expensive. And the photography courses are in expensive schools.

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  2. Stop regretting what you’ve missed out on. Start enjoying your dream by fulfilling it. There are a lot of on line instructors on YouTube. You deserve to fulfill your dream. I’m 66 now and when I look back on some of my dreams I’m glad I did what I wanted, one of which was self taught photography. I look forward to following your photography blog.

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    1. I feel like writing a note to myself and leaving it somewhere I can always see in front of me with your words “Stop regretting what you’ve missed out on. Start enjoying your dream by fulfilling it. ”

      Haha! Andy, you’re so full of wise advise. Thank you so much. I’m so encouraged by this.


      1. Glad to encourage you. C.S. Lewis said,”You are never too old to start a new dream.” In your case it’s never to late to start the dream you carry in your heart! Let me know when you start it!


  3. Heck yeah! Go for it! Listen to your heart.
    I believe we should follow our passion….listen to the heart, not the monkey mind. That monkey mind will talk you our of your heartfelt passions. Listen to your heart and do what makes you happy.
    You deserve nothing but the best in life and to be happy.

    I would start with a used camera….why not? That way you get a feel for what your dream camera will be.
    I am elated for you…and look forward to your images.

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    1. Oh, thank you Ren! Now everytime I have a negative thought telling me not to follow my passion, I would think of it as an annoying monkey. Haha!

      Also I appreciate what you said about starting out with a used camera.. I think it’s okay since I’m just going to start exploring how to handle it and what it’s like to get into it.

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  4. I would go for it. I have learned that you cant necessarily be concerned with if people will think its a good idea or if they will judge you. If you try something new and you find its not for you, at least you wont regret not trying. Everything takes practice and I think you would maybe surprise yourself in the end. πŸ™‚

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    1. I love this. Thank you, El! I definitely do not want to have the regret of not even trying. And also, the story about me giving up on photography doesn’t have a happy ending if I stop there. Maybe it’s time I continue that story from today.. πŸ˜€

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  5. what do you think of your pictures? has anyone ever commented on your pics, other than family of course. If it is something you really enjoy regardless, do what makes you happy!

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      1. the reason I asked is because my daughter is a phenominal photographer and me and my wife have tried to encourage her in that direction for yeeeearss, but her bff is a pro photographer and hasn’t wanted to step on her toes. Her husband just told her how wonderful he thinks her photos are, so she now thinking of going in that direction.

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        1. Ohh! I hope she does go in that direction. I’m so happy I made the decision to get into this. I feel like I can capture all the wonderful things around me…

          I hope her bff will be supportive of her.. and I’m sure you will be!

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  6. go for it! I registered to the photo academy last month, at first I was afraid too but I have an office job now that gets worse every day and it finally hit me and I said “I don’t want to do this for the rest of life” photography is already a hobby of mine so that’s why I registered even though I don’t know how to pay it yet lol. You don’t have to buy a brand new camera! the D7000 is a great camera! it belongs to the high class DX camera’s of Nikon πŸ™‚ I myself started with a $300 dollar Nikon D3100, I started photographing 6 years ago, in these years I’ve upgraded my DSLR to D7100 and now D750 which I’ll keep for a very long time. There’s so much you can learn, also from youtube. Here in my house I too often get to hear “you can’t do this” but the feedback I get on my photos from outside the house are pretty cool, it lifts me up, I get tips here and there and it’s just fun!

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    1. Hey Jori. Thanks so much for sharing all these. I’m not that familiar with the difference of the cameras, but from what I know.. D7000 is like an in between of entry level and pro camera. So I should be good to use it for a while.

      There’s a loooooot of technical terms when I look at the specs of cameras online.. and forums.. it’s kinda overwhelming ’cause I guess I have sooo much to learn! But I’m optimistic about it.

      Thanks for giving your insights here, I LOVE your photography so this means a lot.

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      1. you’re welcome ;D it’s indeed between an entry and pro camera, it has function of an entry and pro camera together. TO make it more difficult, there is a DX and FX line, DX is more entry and FX is to the pro side, This D7000 belongs to the top in the DX line so it’s close to FX πŸ˜‰ BUT these DX camera’s can make just about the same image, it’s the photographer that still has all control in photography πŸ™‚ and thank you for liking my photos ^^

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  7. Liz,

    My very close friend had talked about photography for years and hesitated getting started in it. We talked about cameras and techniques and the benefits of being able to capture your unique perspective of life. Finally, last year he bought a camera and started the journey of learning all about it. I’m proud to say that within a year of picking it up, he’s already posting images online that have garnered him media attention and thousands of positive feedbacks from within the community.
    I encourage you to go ahead and pursue this. Enter into it with a hunger to learn with the ultimate desire to accept what you create. Don’t get caught up in competitions. Photography is art. Art is purely subjective. To judge something subjective as though it were objective is meaningless.

    Your friend from,

    Tom Leonard

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    1. Oh, thank you sooo much Tom! I really needed to hear this. Your friend’s experience is very encouraging.

      And you’re right. I have to remember that it’s all subjective. I should stay true to myself, and not be pressured by anybody else in doing what I do.


  8. Did you get it? I consider the 7000 series of Nikon to be for serious enthusiasts/semi pro body. The controls might overwhelm you but this camera is very capable. Learn the basics of photography and go out and shoot using your gear and learn basic editing of images. Invest on good lenses. Good Luck!

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      1. Thanks for the follow and glad you liked my photos.

        Majority of the images were taken using my old d5000 but since invested on some good glasses.

        Go ahead and explore other areas of photography be it strobe/portrait, landscape, street and see what you like.

        Read the user’s manual everything is there. If you do not have a hard copy, there are plenty of copies online.

        Click to access D7000_ENnoprint.pdf

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  9. Liz, I had the same thoughts bothering me for months. I decided to buy one. I’m not in photography for a long time ( actually bought my first DSLR not even a month ago) and I must say I have no feelings of regret. It gave me more self confidence and freedom which I did not have when I was shooting with my phone or a point and shoot. I did enjoy taking pictures with my phone and a point and shoot before, so upgrading to a DSLR was imminent in my situation. I did question myself if I’ll use it, if I’ll go outside and shoot, and, as a matter of fact I did. I couldn’t believe (in a positive way) what a camera in my bag made me do.

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    1. I was just at your blog, and I wrote a long comment on one of your posts. I dont think it went through though. 😦

      Anyway, I said I love your photos.. and followed you in social media and WP. ❀

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  10. Definitely: go for it. Of course it will cost a little bit of money and it will take some time to practice. Other than that it is better than spend money for fast food,- images will stay for long time πŸ™‚
    By the way I have created mini ebook: 10 ways to improve your photography. Get it here absolutely for free ==>

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