If you weren’t scared, what would you do?

Jack Canfield, an American author and motivational speaker, said “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”

Is that really true? Are we limited by our own ideas of what we are capable of doing? Does our response to our fears control what we can achieve?

Of course, there are obvious limitations to our abilities. But there are also worries and anxieties that take refuge in our minds, even if they are not founded on the truth. Sometimes, we need to push ourselves to get out of our comfort zones.

Who knows? You might even surprise yourself with the amazing things you can do.

12.05.2017 - If you werent scared what would you do



19 thoughts on “If you weren’t scared, what would you do?

        1. I was able to stop my ‘worry, worry, mind’ by looking into the actual-action of worry. I often ask myself questions…. What good am I doing that person or me, when I worry? Does it make me ‘feel good’ when I worry? I have since learned that FEAR feeds what we do NOT want! I do not worry now. I simply ‘envision’ the best of the best and project that forth into the universe. It gives a much better return of positive energy, instead of ”stress” from worry. 😀

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          1. Hmm absolutely true Ren but worry has never been good for anyone so why worry and why fear too. Fear definitely feeds on every nonsense of ours and it is we who r frightful of everything so relax and enjoy life. Life is very beautiful we need to learn life. Always have positivity in life and be stressless

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            1. Thank you so very much for your words. You are so right! Live is very beautiful and we do need to learn life.
              I was a worrier, because that was part of my belief system…. worry was something I was taught to do.


              1. Hahaha true Ren and who does not worry we r all humans dear having a human experience so this is our nature but deep down we r just these bodies taking birth after birth so if we realize that we r much above these bodies and life is beautiful and every moment is beautiful why must we worry and think about things which have passed or what is going to come in the future and worry unnecessary and make ourselves and our body sick and allow our egoistic mind to make us more worry. Relax and enjoy life and tell your mind go for a long walk I am here and now I don’t understand what is past, future and tomorrow and I don’t know fear or worry and then see the difference

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  1. Liz, this post is exceptional! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how it pulled me in, was thought provoking and ended with …. basically a ‘self-challenge’ for improvement. I also highly appreciate that it is short. It is very short, yet packed full of ….. ummmmm …. Packed full of your heart-felt consciousness when you created it.
    I strive to keep my posts around 300 – 500 words…. but not always doable. In today’s energies, things are swirling by at such a fast rate, I feel my readers do better with less words. I personally do not have ‘time’ to read long posts, but, that is just me.
    Hugz and Dolphin Grins to ya….

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    1. Thank you so much for the positive feedback, Ren. I really appreciate it.

      I get what you mean by the long posts. Sometimes, I try to keep it short and don’t realize I’ve written a lot already. It’s truly challenging to be concise, isn’t it? Then I guess that’s the fun part of writing.

      I really smiled thinking about how a dolphin would grin at me. Thank you so much ❤

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  2. Reblogged this on Branching Out and commented:
    I love this post that Liz recently published on her blog, STAY STRONG, DAILY WARRIOR! It says so much! I encourage you to visit her site and follow along as she supports and encourages all the Daily Warriors on this planet.


    1. That’s a good way to change our mindset.. It’s quite challenging to be aware of our negative thoughts and actively turn to positive thinking… BUT it IS possible. I’m glad you’re doing so.

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  3. Liz! You couldn’t have posted a better thought provoking post. It’s funny because as a child, I did all things which we’re exciting and made me feel good but once becoming an adult, I began fearing a lot of what if’s and how people would see and think of me. I’m proud to say, I no longer live in fear and do exactly the thing which makes me happy, the most! #Speaking and #Inspiring others to see their #Purpose #Passion & #Greatness within! Thanks for sharing. All the best & Happy 2K18!


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