My 4 Little Sisters for a Day

As part of the Bonifacio Global City’s annual festival called Passionfest, the BGC Volunteers went on a tour with 50 kids at The Mind Museum.


Although I used to teach high school students, it was my first time to be completely in charge of kids aged 7-8 years old simultaneously. Each volunteer took care of 4-5 kids for the entirety of the program. Our role was to keep them safe, well-behaved, and happy. They were so energetic and excited over the museum, and I tried to catch up when my group ran off in different directions, calling my name. Despite my feet’s cry for help, I enjoyed being the big sister of 4 girls for the day.


(Photo Credits: Fringe Studios)

Even if there were only a few volunteers, I’m still glad to know that there are people who love their community to the point of being available to assist in any way possible. It was tiring, but definitely worth it.


Seeing happiness in the children’s eyes is worth every bit of effort. 






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