First Time Mother

A few weeks ago, I took some photos of my eldest niece who’s in the last stages of pregnancy. It’s so beautiful to see a woman bloom into motherhood.

It’s my first time to try out a maternity photo shoot, and it really helped a lot that she was a natural at modeling.

Here are some of the photos:

EMC_1579 (2)



A baby is a blessing.
A gift from Heaven above,
A precious little angel
To cherish and to love.



I know she’s nervous in raising up a child, but she’s a really strong woman. I’m proud of how she’s handling her pregnancy. I also admire how she said that having a baby early in her life meant she could only have more time to spend with her precious little one.

Since I have no experience with this yet, I wanted to ask all the mothers this question:

What advice can you give

to someone entering motherhood?

I’m sure that my niece would appreciate the heads up, and there may be a lot of other new mothers out there who can benefit from your experiences.

See you in the comments below! 🙂



5 thoughts on “First Time Mother

  1. Be prepared for the mood swings after the birth! It is normal, it happens to nearly all new mothers, and it will eventually pass. Always talk to the doctor if the mood swings persist or get worse.

    Also be prepared to feel overwhelmed at the new routine in your life. That is okay! Everything has changed and there is a new human being to get to know. Be easy on yourself, because the adjustment does take some time. You won’t do everything perfectly and that is okay, too.

    Sleep whenever you can!! And, ask someone to watch the baby so you can shower or bathe and rest. You need to have those moments of taking care of yourself so you can be present with your baby.

    The first year goes so fast, so enjoy all of the little things about having a baby while the moment is there. 🙂

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  2. Motherhood is a beautiful thing! I believe the most important job in the world. Know God is with you and your baby every step of the way, so always keep the faith. Seek out the support & friendship
    of other moms. Join Mommy & me classes. Blessings!

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