VOTW #10: Friendship

One of the things that make life worthwhile is having real connections with people, and forming genuine friendships can help make a person feel less alone in this world.

When one of my brothers needed open heart surgery last year, a friend told me “This is the time you’ll realize who your real friends are.” 

I have to admit, he was right. When I created an online fundraising campaign to raise funds for the operation, friends even from high school contacted me asking what they can do to help. Although the donations really made a difference, what impacted me the most is the heart of those people who reached out to give. It wasn’t only monetary, as some have their own finances to deal with. There were others volunteering their time and effort to help with the program and events. Some also messaged me just to say a prayer with me or give comfort to our family. It helped restore my faith in people, and I realized who really cared during that challenging time.

When we feel hopeless and alone in our struggles, God reminds us of the beauty of friendship. It’s a wonderful gift that we should cherish.



How has the gift of friendship made a difference in your life?


P.S. If you need a friend, send an email to contactdailywarriors@gmail.com. I’m right here. 🙂





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4 thoughts on “VOTW #10: Friendship

  1. I hope your brother came through the surgery in good shape! And I’m glad you saw a number of kind responses from people and felt good about things in this world again. Do enjoy those moments…

    I’ll add a late prayer that your brother recovers better than the doctors expected or hoped for, and that no further problems arise. I pray for you and the anxiety you must have felt, Liz, and for your parents as I’m sure they had a lot to deal with as well!



    1. I just mentioned in another comment about our parents. We only have each other, me and my siblings. And most of them don’t even get along to be honest. As the youngest of 9 children, it was hard for me to handle because everyone else had a reason not to take responsibility. It was a really tough time for me that lasted a few months and at the end I had compassion fatigue. When I started this blog I was trying to get back to taking care of myself, instead of everyone around me.

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      1. I understand “compassion fatigue…” To be honest, I don’t know how you’ve handled such responsibility for such a young person as yourself! It is good to look after yourself a bit. You don’t want to loose yourself in the situation!

        But I’m sure you can find a balance between looking after sibling responsibilities and yourself. Family is important, even God said to take care of family. But that’s not to exclude yourself completely…

        That’s why I say you need to balance your time out between the family and some “Liz” time!

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