Most Beautiful Smiles

I was listening to a random indie playlist on YouTube, and I heard this song called “Ain’t About Love”. I immediately wanted to dedicate the song to all of you daily warriors, so I made this simple video.

Ain’t About Love – Jae Jin


You might hide it
With that smile on your face
But I see it in your eyes
I get this feeling that inside
There have been days
You couldn’t smile
No matter how hard you tried


You paint over your emotions
Like a tragic work of art
Though I don’t know what you’ve been thru
I can feel your beating heart


This ain’t about love
This ain’t about love
It’s the most beautiful smiles
On the most broken of people inside


Well I know you get addicted to the things
That take away the pain
But I’ll sit right there with you
Till the scars just fade into my heart

"Ain't About Love"
 Music and Lyrics by Jae Jin (재진)
 ©2015 Jae Jin

All images from Pixabay


P.S. My mind is currently a maze with portals and teleporting ideas at the speed of light in a blackhole (so I’m not able to think and write clearly or blog much). Emotional management is an uphill battle, but I try to keep smiling. Just like most people do. Making feel good videos like these help when I’m feeling dreary. It’s nice to watch, quite relaxing really. I hope you like this one.


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10 thoughts on “Most Beautiful Smiles

    1. Hey, Jasminder! I’m glad to have you here with me. (hugs)

      I’ll probably do some meditation, prayer, and listen to soothing music later. Also, mind mapping (to try and make sense of what’s on my mind right now that’s so cluttered).

      What about you?

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  1. Very beautifuls song, I already know I’ll be sharing it with my boyfriend later in the day 🙂
    And I know what you mean with emotional management, something I am very familiar with, just know you’re not alone and making time tmfor yourself to sort things out or finding something as small as music that soothes you, can make a significant improvement. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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