Gravity Falls Journal 3!

I went to FullyBooked today, and I saw the Gravity Falls Journal 3!


If you haven’t heard of Gravity Falls, it’s one of my favorite shows. It’s about these twins who spend the summer with their Uncle in a mysterious town called (yep, you guessed it) Gravity Falls.

I really like it because of the lovable characters and brilliant writing, which fits every witty episode into a brilliant plot. Plus I connect with Mabel, one of the main characters, in an unfathomable level.


Gravity Falls twins.jpg

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 Journal 3 is a book used in the show by Dipper, one of the twins. He discovered it buried underground in Season 1. It’s one of the journals written by a mysterious character about the creatures in that town.

I want to buy it for 2 reasons:

– Gravity Falls is awesome, and having Journal 3 would be really cool!
I want to get a glimpse of the minds behind the amazing writers.


I’m managing my finances, though. So I didn’t buy it right away. But I will, very soon (hopefully)!

This is one of the reasons I don’t go to bookstores with my wallet (unless I have something to buy). Sarah’s Scribbles illustrate it perfectly:


P.S. If I could buy the entire bookstore, I probably would.






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3 thoughts on “Gravity Falls Journal 3!

  1. I agree with the splurging on books part Liz.. Last month I went to Barnes and Noble and spent nearly 4 hours there with my husband wondering what I actually did there for so long.. I am mad about books…

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