Be kind in your comments!

In the past 2 weeks, this blog has been something I look forward to every single day. The moment I discovered the community, I took time to explore more and more blogs. This little icon became the highlight of my day:


It meant a like, that someone appreciates something I said. It meant a comment, that someone took the time to respond to my words. I felt a sense of belonging, a sense of acceptance. I enjoyed interacting with brilliant minds who are going through different things and are here for various reasons. I read poems, short stories, confessions, history, quotes, educational posts. It was interesting and exciting.

This community became my happy place.

Up until I got my first negative comment. It was like a slap in the face, a punch in the gut. All the positive thoughts were replaced with pain in those few seconds of reading it.


Suddenly, I was questioning if I should even blog in the first place. That maybe I shouldn’t even be putting my thoughts out here in the blogosphere. That maybe what I feel, what I think about… is not worthy to be conveyed.


I don’t deal with negativity that well, I guess. I know, I know. I’m a sensitive crybaby, but people should be more gentle. You don’t have to agree on everything, but be tactful and polite. I already have my battles to deal with, and I don’t need that kind of stress here. I’m not saying this just for me, but for everyone else out there who uses this blog as an outlet.


My blog posts have encouraging thoughts and my tone is usually upbeat, and that’s because this is where I want to turn to when I feel down… hoping others may also find this to be a soothing place. I want to read my own words, and take my own advice. I collect inspiration and motivation and put them on here. I also put on random things I like in music, poetry, etc.

After that though, I had to convince myself NOT to stop writing. I know I have to be more tough, especially with a growing audience. Not everyone will like the things I post about or the way I write. That’s just reality.


That being said…

You have no idea what someone is going through on the other side of the screen.

Their blog could be their only solace in this chaotic world and safe place from their own monsters within.

Please think about that the next time you have the urge to write a negative comment in someone’s blog.

As a reminder to myself when I feel like giving up on my blog, I made a happy corner where you, my wonderful fellow bloggers can share good things. Do drop by if you feel like it.


38 thoughts on “Be kind in your comments!

  1. Great post Liz! You are right, negative comments sometimes catch us off guard, especially when we are vulnerable on certain days. It is really sad. It happens to me too. I am just glad English is not my first language. I sometimes do not quite comprehend what the commenter’s point is. But I just take them as they are. There are also some whom I love – they oppose my point of view in a nice manner. These could either pressed me to defend my beliefs or consider how right their point of view too. Just continue to write. The world is a beautiful place. As you continue the journey, you will gradually attract beautiful people.

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    1. Oh, I enjoy a good discussion with someone having an opposing view. I feel like it’s brain exercise.

      What I don’t like is the attack on someone’s character based on what they write about.

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  2. Liz, like your blog’s tag/caption suggests “Stay strong. You’re a warrior!”. I know you’re saying that more to yourself than to us, your readers and friends. Always bear in mind that our resolved is tested when we’re faced with an opposition.

    You have a great heart. Your desire to encourage others is awesome! I, for one, has been encouraged by many of your posts.

    We don’t get to chose what others may say but we get to chose how we react. Your reaction to this particular circumstance is normal and I was amazed on how composed and polite you’ve expressed what you’ve felt.

    Brave the opposition. Stay strong. Daily warrior!

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    1. Hey Andrei. You’re one of the first people I’ve discovered on here. That’s something special, as I feel we will see each other grow in this community.

      It’s always a pleasure to hear from you, and I’m really thankful for your kind words.

      You’re definitely right. The tagline is mostly a note to myself. Haha!

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    1. Thanks, Kate. I had a good cry and flushed it out of my system. Hahaha!

      I just wanted to post this as a reminder as I realized there might be a lot of other people out there who felt what I did through the experience.

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      1. Aahh Liz, Sorry you had to read some crap! I have yet to recieve a really negative comment but I’m sure one is on the way at some point. And I’m sure that my hypersensitive self will take it hard. I don’t know if it will help you like it does me but when I’ m feeling low I like to go back to some of my favorite posts and reread the comments. Stay Strong! 😆

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  3. I’m sorry to hear that. My mother raised my sister and I with the mentality of “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” I too am here to encourage and be encouraged and honestly haven’t once thought of a mean thing to say about anyone I’ve encountered in this community. We should all be here to encourage one another. Keep writing and keep being positive!

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  4. I agree with you! You should respect other people’s opinion regardless of what you think is right.
    “Be kind to one another” 😃. I think the same!.
    Happy Blogging Liz! You’re doing great with your lovely and motivating posts!! 😊

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  5. Not trying to be negative here but I sure hope everyone reading this post and this comment do realize the fact that in this world, nobody has to be nice nor bad.

    It’s always a choice and indeed, it’ll be nice to have lovely ppl always giving nice comments etc or even tell us negative things nicely but hey, sometimes, it’s “traumas” like these that pushes us to the next level, no? 😉

    Also, let’s not forget the fact that these ppl are one of the many reasons why our lives aren’t boring lol.

    Ultimately though, we must remain strong and united especially when faced with adversity in life.

    Something made you cry? You don’t just stay down. Get up, learn about what made you cry, grow from the experience and share them with others so they can learn from you as well as share their life experiences with you for new knowledge.

    That’s when we’ll thrive as a society, or even as a community alone 😉

    Good article btw, just take note that there will be negative feedbacks and we got to learn how to cope and educate ourselves with them. Don’t let 1 bad comment kill your whole progress lol that’s just wrong in so many ways!

    But if you start receiving lots of negative feedbacks on certain subject/issue though, it’s probably time for re-evaluation XD

    Either way, be brave and stay strong 😉

    Talk again soon!

    Your pal,

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    1. Thanks for your insights, Bennie. Completely agree with you.

      and this is me, getting up.. back out here.. writing.

      Also I don’t want to just post about the good things. I want you all to see the side of me that’s human. HAHAHA

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  6. Omg! When I see that notification with an orange dot on a bell icon, it is something much mean to me!!! So true! Whenever I happen to see it, I am thrilled to see even if it is just a like by someone!! Because it is so special!!!

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  7. Hi friend, negative comments are going to happen. Does it feel good? No. But remember that our writing will have an impact on other people for better or worse. We as writers are accountable for our words and how they impact society. For example: Mien Kampf, Hitler’s book, affected a whole nation and and consequently the world. My point is, that our words evoke emotion and depending on social climate and personal positioning, those emotions are inevitable. Some writers are intending to rouse, stimulate, enrage or educate; but one writer cannot satisfy the concourse of humanity. With that in mind, understand that not everyone is a happy camper and appreciates your efforts to enrich the lives you touch. I will leave you with my personal example, here is a link to my book and the reviews that followed. You will find a scathing character defamation written by an alleged character in my book who was never mentioned by name and only afforded a couple sentences out of over 100,000 words. But . . . out of that one single negative review I gained nineteen excellent reviews. No matter what the person had to say about me, the work stands on it’s own merit. And, by the grace of God, to whom belongs all the glory and praise, the book was just awarded 3rd place in a nationwide literary contest. So, keep writing, make your content truthful and compelling and leave the rest to God. Have a blessed day friend:)



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    1. Wow, Rev. I read the one negative review, and it was awful.

      You have raised a lot of points here, and I do agree with you. Thank you so much for your very thought-provoking comment.

      And congratulations on your book.

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  8. hugs Liz! sorry you were hurt! I have read some posts I don’t agree with and I have stopped myself from posting my opinion and reminded myself everyone doesn’t see things as I do. after reading your post I’m so glad I said nothing and carried on, I’m much happier with myself!

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  9. This is so so true !!! You are an AMAZING blogger !!! Don’t let the hate get to you. I love the idea of your blog because it’s so so positive and motivational and Just all in all amazing 😉 So please don’t give up because one negative comment is overcome by all of the positive ones 🙂

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