Dream Journal: Stay Awake

It was a usual day in the office, but I was so sleepy. With drooping eyes, I decided to take a cab going home.

I walked outside the building. I got into the taxi.

It was then that I noticed everything was dark. No lights anywhere.

But my eyes were used to it. I thought it was weird that the driver knew where to go even if I haven’t spoken a word. He drove along 9th Avenue, but I was starting to feel a sense of danger being inside the car. I looked for writings on the car doors, searching for the license plate in white font. There was none. My heart was starting to pound faster and faster. I tried to look for my phone, but I remember I left it in the office.

What am I gonna do?

Where am I? What’s happening? I looked around the car frantically. Please turn left, please turn left. I kept saying in my head… ’cause left would be the right way to go. He didn’t.

He parked in an abandoned street, and it felt like there was no one to hear me even if I screamed. There was only him and me. I felt an anxiety attack come over me as the car door opened. I fell forward, half of my body on the pavement. My head was tilted to the right, and all I could see was the sidewalk —- the ground on my face.

I couldn’t move. I couldn’t speak. I could only wait for him to come.

I waited, scared to death of what would happen to me. Please wake up, I told myself. There’s no way this could be real. It’s got to be a dream. Please. Please wake up. I closed my eyes and waited for my end.

I jolted awake.

I was on my bed, lying on my purple Hello Kitty bed sheet. It was only a dream. I sighed in relief.

But… I couldn’t move. I couldn’t speak. Someone was walking towards the door, getting nearer and nearer. I couldn’t breathe.

I couldn’t turn my head to see, but on my right side I could barely see a silhouette of a woman walking towards me from the middle of the room. How could this be?

I live alone.


Slowly, she was getting nearer… Please wake up. Please wake up…


Please. Wake up. 


I opened my eyes. I was awake… but my eyes are drooping.. falling. I immediately sat up.

Don’t fall asleep. Don’t.

Don’t fall asleep.

11 thoughts on “Dream Journal: Stay Awake

  1. Hello Warrior Princess,

    Do you remember any other details about the silhouette of a woman that you saw during this possible sleep paralysis experience?

    Recently (maybe two weeks ago) I had two sleep paralysis experiences days apart that were possibly my first sleep paralysis experiences to feature a female silhouette (in both cases a short mostly dark and/or shadowy female entity with long black hair like the girl from The Ring films), usually I do not see anything during my sleep paralysis experiences (I have seen some things before but not the usual shadow people or humanoid silhouettes), and this is possibly the first time that I have had sleep paralysis experiences only a few days apart.

    Thank you for sharing your dream and experience,
    -John Jr


    1. Hi John,

      I couldn’t really see her that well since it was out of the corner of my eye. I just knew it was a woman for some reason (you know those feelings we get when dreaming).

      If I were to describe the silhouette, it’s like a mist/fog in the shape of a woman. I could not see any distinct features at all.

      From my experiences with sleep paralysis, I usually do not see a face. There is just a presence in the same room, or somewhere above my body or beside it. (Sometimes, I see particular parts of the body of this presence depending on which way I am facing as I slept since I can’t move.)

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      1. Hello Missfortitude,

        I know what you mean, interesting, thank you for answering my question and sharing those extra details; I do not think that I have had any fog/mist-like hallucinations like that yet during my sleep paralysis experiences.

        In all of my sleep paralysis experiences so far I always feel intense feelings like heightened senses, extreme fear, and a strong sense of a presence in the room but I usually do not see or hear anything but sometimes I do so I usually do not see any face either except for a few times like (here are three that I thought of, there may be more, and the first one (which has no visual hallucination) is my first recorded sleep paralysis which is one of the only ones to feature an auditory hallucination):




        Thank you for responding,
        -John Jr

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    1. You are welcome Missfortitude.

      I definitely agree with you about both of those things.

      Thank you for sharing that comic strip. 😀

      I saw, thank you, hopefully my future posts will not bore you too much. 🙂

      -John Jr


    1. Hi! I would take that as a compliment. Thank you! Haha! I meant for the reader of my writing to feel what I was feeling while I was dreaming about this one. If it felt haunting, I guess that means I sort of got my emotions across. ❤


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