Hold On to the Ones You Love

You can play the video to listen to the song “Blessings” by Hollow Coves while reading. 🙂

Hi my dearest daily warriors,

Is it weird that I suddenly posted out of the blue? What can I say? It’s been difficult year after year, that I kept asking myself “What’s the point?”. I only had enough energy to survive day by day. I got submerged in my emotions as I navigated through life trying to find answers and the meaning for all the suffering that came with my anxiety and depression.

There are still so many struggles weighing me down but I’m doing better now. The past year has been a whirlwind for me, but that’s a story for another time.

Right now, I want to share that life has been more bearable these days and I am reconnecting with the things that made my soul shine. And that’s how I found myself back here again.

I missed writing, and I missed the community we’ve built here where people battling different things in life can find a safe space to be themselves.

But the thing is, I wouldn’t be writing this post right now if it weren’t for my very loving and supportive husband John. (Yes, I got married and even had a baby just this year and that’s another crazy story for later.) Sometime last year, I was feeling hopeless about where my life was headed. I mustered up all the strength I could to try and live again, and I was fortunate enough to have met John in that journey.

He is the main reason I can feel the courage to get back to writing again here, even if my mind is filled with anxious thoughts like “What if my writing sucks? What if my readers think it’s awful that I keep on dropping off and going back?”

He’s the one who reassures me that I am doing my best despite the invisible condition I am battling with. He’s the one gently pushing me to be my best self because that is what I want. He wants me to be happy doing what I want.

And I want to write again. I want to inspire people again. I want to show up more and be able to tell the stories in my head because I never know who needs to hear them.

I want to make a difference in the world, and I am so very blessed to have someone like him by my side.

Because of him, I have smiled brighter and laughed more often.

Since I’ve known him, I have learned what it means to truly love someone and how to accept genuine love in return. I have seen all his efforts, his sacrifices, and his willingness to do everything it takes for our relationship to work and for our family to thrive.

Everyday, we help each other grow as individuals and support each other’s path towards becoming a better version of ourselves.

I am so blessed, happy, and thankful to God that I am with him. He is a wonderful husband, and an amazing father to Yana and Ethan.

And today, I want to greet him and all the fathers (and mothers who act as both parents to their children) out there a HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

Blessings – Hollow Coves

Sunlight fell and reminded me that life can be so gracious sometimes
And I felt like everything around me was connected somehow

At night I hear the rhythm of the ocean as it breaks on the shore
And I think about all the things that I am grateful for

And they say, hold on to the ones you love
Keep ’em close to you
And they say, hold on to this time we have
And let the light shine through

Sometimes I get a little bit emotional when I see love unfold
Two hearts bound by reflections of the memories they’ll forever hold

And they say, hold on to the ones you love
Keep ’em close to you

And they say, hold on to this time we have
And let the light shine through

There are blessings all around you
Open up your eyes
Feel the sunlight fall upon you
Let it free your mind
There are blessings all around you
Take a step outside
Let your heart shine in a new light
See it come alive

And they say, hold on to the ones you love
Keep ’em close to you
And they say, hold on to this time we have
And let the light shine through

And to all the daily warriors reading this… if you know someone who cares about you, please tell them that you appreciate them. Let us keep holding on to the ones we love and show them our gratitude whenever we can.

These nurturing relationships are blessings and it really does make life worthwhile. Maybe now is a good time to reflect on who are the people that make life brighter for you.

If you have someone in mind, let them know.

Believe me, it will make a huge difference.

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