Love Without Words

One of my dearest friends, Sarah, has always had the heart for the deaf community. Her brother couldn’t hear from a very young age, and she studied sign language to communicate with him. Fast forward to now, she’s starting out as a wedding coordinator for deaf couples.

I assisted her with a wedding last weekend, along with our other childhood friend Lea. We met a lot of cool new people. There were hosts, musicians, and interpreters. It was an awesome experience.

Here’s a video of Jeffrey and Efrida’s wedding:

The most amazing thing to me is knowing there is an entire community of people who can speak in sign language, sharing love to each other without speaking a word. They look intently at body language, even deep into your eyes. It’s so fascinating to see them communicate with each other without speaking.

I learned a couple of hand gestures myself. Being with the deaf community makes me want to study sign language in the near future too. I feel like there’s a world of brilliant people out there that I could talk to when I do.

Here’s one I’d like to share with you:

I love you sign

Not a lot of people can understand them, so it can be frustrating to communicate their ideas with those who can hear. Yet they can still showcase their talents, skills, and knowledge in other ways. They are definitely daily warriors, for sure.



How can you show love to other people without saying a word?




2 thoughts on “Love Without Words

  1. When my children were little, we would sign to each other, the ily and placed over the heart, not knowing i-l-y.
    I am witnessing a toddler being raised with 3 languages – English, Spanish and Sign. Learning Sign before Speech, allows the child to more easily/effectively communicate its needs/wants/desires. For example: “Eat” There is no fuss, scream, squirm or guessing what the child wants. A quick and simple hand tapping gesture to the mouth. Sign is so logical.

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