Daily Warriors Around Us

Last year, I went to an orphanage for children with special needs called Bukal ng Kapayapaan. A couple of friends and I went there again this year.

I was really nervous at first, because there were only a few of us this time. I had to go up in front to talk to the kids, but I felt great right after I did so. The look of appreciation, curiosity, and excitement in the children’s eyes, along with the compassion of my friends there with me, really touched my heart.

No words can describe it, so here’s a glimpse of the beauty I witnessed that day:


(my friend, wearing a white shirt, holding the hand of one of the kids at the orphanage)

They loved to dance, and they showed us their talent with 4 songs including Gangnam Style, Watch Me, and Baby Shark. One of the kids was in a wheelchair, but that didn’t stop him from showing us his best dance moves. Afterwards, they were happily entertained with the coloring books we brought them.

It was heartbreaking to know that most of them had been abandoned by their families and left by the gate of the orphanage. Some had cerebral palsy, autism, and other mental or physical conditions.

Yet their faces were pure of wonder and joy as we did our activities. It was uplifting to see them so happy. I was in awe of how they can be so cheerful despite their circumstances. 


Life can be so monotonous for us sometimes. We wake up, get dressed, go to school/work, go home. There are many things we take for granted that others never had the privilege to have. Sometimes, we forget to look beyond what’s in our own little world.

When we do, we’ll see so many daily warriors out there who need our support. We might not be able to do much, but our small actions can mean a lot to them. It could be as simple as holding someone’s hand for comfort or showing them we care.

As Ronald Reagan said, “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”

There are daily warriors everywhere.

How can you help at least one?



3 thoughts on “Daily Warriors Around Us

  1. This is such a great post, Liz. It’s great that you had such a fun time there helping the kids in the orphanage. We, as human beings who are fortunate to have shelter take that for granted. But seeing the kids in the photos have so much fun with so little is amazing.

    Sometimes all that is required of us is to look past ourselves and see the world that is crying out for those to help others.

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  2. I can send my heart-felt love to every orphan on this planet. May sound small, but it goes far! And then, when many people can coordinate such a ‘transmission’ to occur at the same time…. well, there IS strength in numbers. That simple action by a group of people can be extremely beneficial to all the orphaned children.


  3. How proud you must feel to have gone outside of what felt ‘comfortable’ and discover the beautiful world beyond that silly gate we put up. 😀
    I am proud of you…. very proud of you for what you brought to the children and to each of you who went. Hugz and thanx for sharing this awesome post!

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