Fun Times: Nikki’s B-day 2017

Ever since I had some reflections on the end of this life, I promised myself that I will always give time for my loved ones on special days. Not knowing when our time is up, we should make memories and do things with our friends and family as much as we can.

I was glad to spend quality time with my boyfriend’s family this weekend to celebrate his sister Nikki’s birthday. We watched a movie and had dinner at Tagaytay, a cozy place with cool weather.





It’s difficult to have a lot of racing thoughts, causing a lasting headache. It’s not so easy to focus on the present moment. Some of us are physically present but mentally adrift. We should enjoy the time we have NOW. It takes a lot of effort, but it IS possible. 

It sounds a bit odd for others, but I always need to consciously remind myself of this:

Do something fun.


This weekend helped me to relax for a while. MK (bf) was trying to keep a straight face while I was taking videos of him, and it was hilarious. I also enjoyed laughing a lot when everyone was goofing around at the kid’s playground.

I’m so blessed to have this second family in my life.



How’s your weekend, daily warrior? How have you been spending time with your loved ones recently? What was the last fun thing you did?

Share it with us in the comments.




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