What’s the best decision you made this year?

If you could take a few minutes to reflect on the past months, could you think of a life-changing decision that you made for the better? 

Have you accepted a challenge that you never thought you could actually do? Did you finally get out of your comfort zone and take a step towards your dreams? Or maybe you’ve decided that you’ve had enough of the dark clouds over your head, and walked into the sunshine. Or simply got up from your bed to face the day, at least.

I salute you for that.

Everyday we make decisions. Are you making choices that your future self would thank you for?

2017.11.08 - Best Decision 2017


Share it with us. 🙂



20 thoughts on “What’s the best decision you made this year?

  1. Hi Liz! Glad to read from you once more.

    One of most fulfilling initiative I started sometime towards the middle of this year is to choose (daily) to express my love for my wife in the manner coherent with her love languages. I need to work it out in a consistent basis as we have distinct love languages – while I’m more bent on Acts of Service she’s on Words of Affirmation ☺

    Investing in happy relationships is a fulfilling endeavor.

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    1. Hi friend. I gotta admit, I’m popping in and out. Haha! You might find out what I’ve been up to lately as I post more (hopefully).

      I LOVE that decision that you made. I think marriage takes a lot of commitment. Your wife is blessed to have you, as I’m sure you are to have her.

      I do wish more people would have that mindset to love their partner as you do.


    1. Hi Joshua. Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA lately. I’ve gone through a big career transition and other things. I might post about it soon.

      What kind of Bible challenge is it? I have the Bible You Version app on my smartphone, and it has a lot of Bible reading plans and devotionals, with checklists, tracker, and reminders. It’s really helpful for me.


        1. This is really good! I saved it for future reference (I’m currently on a Bible reading plan already). Thanks so much for sharing.

          And I’m glad that you got right back into it… Sometimes, life gets us preoccupied doesn’t it? Hope all is well with you.


  2. With the turmoil of Full Disclosure erupting all over the planet, I have chosen to focus on the Big Picture/End Result of our beautiful new beginnings.
    Rather than being based in ‘fear’ of what might be happening right now, I focus my imagination on the UNITY we are creating. I keep my heart happy, knowing that we are now creating our Heaven on Earth.
    Living life via love rather than fear will bring the change we have longed for, so much faster. Anyone can do it. We all have imagination……
    Great seeing a post from you again. I think of you often. Hugz

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    1. Oh Ren, seeing a comment from you is like receiving a letter from an old friend. ❤

      I see that your blog went through some changes. I'll come over in a while to catch up on things..

      I love your positive mindset, and I definitely agree with your decision to focus on unity, love, and happiness. There's too much negativity in the world already. We need more people like you. (hugs)

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      1. Awe, thanx Liz! So kind of you! We kind of missed out on each other over the summer.You can join along with happiness, love, compassion, UNITY :D. The more the merrier! All it takes is some fun use of the imagination…… hgz

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    1. Hi Terri. (Hug) Thanks for the warmth.. It feels good to be missed lol. I do miss everyone and writing too.

      I’m also happy that you decided to start your blog, and I hope we can have more conversations here soon… 😘

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