How They Fell in Love

She was the epitome of a lady
With a coy smile and thoughtful eyes
The one who mesmerized many
Yet only one captured her heart.

He was the Adonis to her Aphrodite
Well built and full of charm
He hummed and sang his way
Into the depths of her soul.



I went on a vacation with my aunt last weekend, and she was really close to my mom. Since I lost both my parents already, I can only find out about their history by stories from those who knew them well. While we were stuck in heavy traffic on the way back home, I took this time to ask some questions. I found out a lot of things, including how my mom felt enamored  with my dad over all her other suitors.

In the Philippines, men used to woo women by courting them at home. They will bring their musical instrument and sing love songs outside the house by her window. We call this “harana“.

It was so odd and interesting to imagine my parents as teenagers who fell in love, but I saw a clearer picture as my aunt told me about it. She said my dad had a really nice voice, and he would always hum as he walked past the house. He was my mother’s first love. 

It was amazing to hear, because I know that my mother loved him dearly until her last day. I realized that he was the only man she ever loved. I witnessed her stand by him no matter what, and it is the perfect example of unconditional love I have ever seen. 



What about you? How did you fall in love with your significant other? Do you know how your parents fell in love? (If you don’t, maybe it’s a good time to ask them. :p)

It would be so cool to know your stories, so feel free to share them in the comments. ❤ 




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