Elusive Words

In the past weeks and months, the right words have eluded me.

I try to write the occasional post,
Yet I fall back into nothingness.
Nothing seems to work in my mind.
Maybe it’s become too cluttered.

It’s frustrating.
It hurts.
Because writing is my escape.
Writing is my shelter.

There are so many things that I want to share.

Struggles that I have overcome.
Plans for the future.
Reflections on life.
Experiences… that I will cherish for a lifetime.

But I can’t find the words.

So for now, here’s a picture of me as a mime instead.



Seriously though, I’ve really missed blogging. I keep waiting to get in the zone, but it seems like I need to actively walk right back to it. Maybe I should just write and write and write, just like this.

With no inhibitions. 

Any thoughts? 



3 thoughts on “Elusive Words

  1. I feel the same way, Liz…..
    I put up a sticky on my blog about this same thing.
    Someone commented, they felt the same way.
    You are Not alone, Liz!
    There is a LOT happening right now in the Universe.
    I personally believe that everything is changing quickly…. the ‘energies’ are shifting … human consciousness is evolving at an exponential pace and we are literally moving into our new paradigm. I did not think I would see this in my lifetime. I was wrong!
    During this whirlwind life, it helps me to keep in mind that — Change Is The Only Constant.
    Gotta be ready for ‘change’ and dance with it, to learn it, breathe and live the new change.
    When I fight ‘change’, it is like having a punching match with a mirror.
    I just keep beating myself up.
    No More !
    I no longer expect ANYTHING to be the same as before.
    The world is NOT as we thought we knew it to be and everything is changing for the GOOD!
    I look for the good in all and go with the flow of change.
    Stay Strong and Know All is Well.
    You got this, Liz 😀

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