Princess #9


Princess #8
Responsibility barged in through Hope’s front door. He fluidly walked past the hallway into the living room.

A distraught Sorrow was lying face down on the floor, right beside the desk where the telephone was left hanging. He was contemplating on how he could magically vanish from the face of the earth.

“What in the world—? Sorrow?”

Sorrow lethargically opened his eyes and tilted his head just a little to look up at Res.

“Have you been lying there all this time? It’s been hours!”

Sorrow closed his eyes again, not moving an inch. What was the point?

Res reached down for him and shook his right shoulder. “Sorrow. Where’s Hope?”

There was no response from him, yet Res tried talking him out of his trance.

“We have to find Hope. We’ve lost the Princess. The castle is in chaos, and no one else can help us right now. You spent a lot of time with Hope recently, right? You were working something out. Please talk to me.”

Sorrow let out a deep sigh. He didn’t sign up for this. He never wanted to get involved in a search for Hope. He never wanted to do anything with any of them in the first place. But Hope was good. Hope was all he had.

Res’s voice softened, “We need her, Sorrow. We need Hope.”¬†

Then he suddenly stopped talking. He sat down beside Sorrow, quietly waiting.

Sorrow’s consciousness wandered aimlessly in the dark recesses of his mind for what seemed like eternity until he could finally hear a faint echo of Hope’s voice.

“You will want to give up someday, sweetheart. Don’t. Never do.”

Slowly, he mustered enough strength to sit up and speak.

“I know where she is.”



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