Dream Journal: Strings

The doors of the emergency room blast open.

You see yourself on a gurney being pushed towards the Operating Room.

How.. How is this even possible? How can I see myself?

It doesn’t even occur to you that you are floating right above your own body.

You look at it in disbelief. Then you see a flicker of light.

For a second, time seems to slow down and almost comes to a halt.

You squint your eyes to see it clearer.

There are various symbols on the gurney, and they are illuminating all around you. Each symbol has a string of light connected to it that spread out in different directions.

In awe, your gaze follows one string of light that went towards your left. As you reach the end, you see someone else staring back at you.

For the first time, you took a good look around.

Each of the strings was connected to a person standing in the room.
And all of them, with dull and lifeless eyes, are looking right at you.

I gotta get out of here.

Suddenly, you are standing right outside of the hospital.

There were three people on the sidewalk. Rooted to where they were standing, they moved in unison. Their hands went up in the air and they waved it from side to side, swaying their bodies along.

Are they… Are they dancing?

You realize that the strings are controlling them, and they wanted out.

They couldn’t move away from where they were standing, but you see their spirits slowly detaching from their physical upper bodies. They were trying to make different movements from what the strings were instructing them to do.

Yet, they couldn’t completely walk away.

And there was nothing you could do.

Sighing, you close your eyes from the painful sight.

I just wish they could cut off those strings.

The thought lingers in your mind until you opened your eyes again.

You are now in your cozy bedroom, wide awake.


Hi daily warriors! 

This dream I had the other day was too interesting, so I wanted to share it with you.

What do you think it means? Tell me in the comments below. 

P.S. I hope I could eventually make visual arts for my dreams. Some of the scenes are seriously so hauntingly beautiful (like how the lights illuminated across the room). It might take a while, though. A girl can dream, I guess. *crossed fingers* #patience





7 thoughts on “Dream Journal: Strings

  1. Maybe you’re feeling fear that something is trying to control or restrain you… or that ppl in your life are blocking what you feel is important to you or what needs to happen.

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