Mad About Books

On my way home, I have to pass by a mall. It’s where I take a ride home. I’m on a tight budget, so I didn’t want anything to distract me. Lo and behold, right in front of me was a Book Fair.

Mad about Books

The odds were against me. “Don’t go in there!” I told myself. “You’re still behind on your reading list, girl.” I stared at the stage backdrop with huge letters saying “Mad About Books”.

“Yes, yes I am…” I thought to myself as I mindlessly walked towards the shelves.

50% OFF! 70% OFF!

Man, those signs are alluring. Like a kid who entered a candy store, I rushed off to find books that caught my eye. There was a hard cover books section that cost only 35PHP (about 70 cents?). I wanted to take all the books and go. Yet, I knew I had to be strategic about my choices. I can only spare some cash.

Right off the bat, a big book with the name Jennifer screamed out to me.

Jennifer Unauthorized Bio

I’ve never really read biography books before, having the notion that it might lull me to sleep. Although, I do like F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and I loved the golden couple (Jennifer Aniston +Brad Pitt) up until Brangelina happened.

“Don’t do it.” my inner monologue told me. I shushed it away, thinking how interesting it would be to know about the life of the Hollywood star. Besides, I need to read biographies before I can write my own.

Then Barbara Bush peeked out from a pile of books. Perfect.

Barbara Bush

“Hey,  getting 2 biographies in one day? Are you crazy?” inner me was losing its cool. I shrugged it off and thought it’s intriguing how a lady deals with her husband who has to take care of an entire country.

I was holding 2 heavy books already, but I couldn’t stop rummaging through the pile. Another one called out to me, with two of my favorite words “inspiring” and “purpose” on the cover.

Prepared for a Purpose.jpg

It was around this time that my inner voice told me, “Okay, you’ve had your fun. Get out of here while you still can.” I walked away from the bunch, looking over my shoulders. I passed by the novels section, and John Grisham was right there.

The Partner - John Grisham

“Oh come on! You’re done for the day. Forget it.”

I telepathically answered myself, “Look, I need this in my life right now. Okay? It’s the last one. Promise.” I picked up the book and headed to the counter before I take anything else.

An old man was paying for his books. As the cashier wrapped his purchase, the cheery buyer beamed at me saying, “A book is better than the internet.” 

Struggling with the pile of heavy books that I was now carrying, I couldn’t help but smile back.

Dog-eared as the covers may be, I was excited to explore my hand-me-down books and the wonderful worlds within that await me.


Are you mad about books? What’s your story?




6 thoughts on “Mad About Books

  1. I can definitely relate. There were times where I just finished a book and didn’t feel like waiting a whole year for the sequel to come out; that I went to book fairs at my school where they were freely giving away books and managed to snag the sequel book and three others as well.

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  2. Money spent on books is always an investment! Sounds like you got some real bargains. Prepared for a Purpose looks really interesting. Maybe you could do a review post when you’ve read it?

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  3. WOW- How much did you spent in total for this collection??

    They all sound like interesting read! I have a book by John Grisham as well and it’s called “A Painted House”. Great book that was given to me by my ex’s mother XD

    Are you gonna be writing about these books after you read them? 😀

    Your pal,

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