Why Would a Loving God Allow Suffering?

People have probably been asking questions about pain and suffering since the beginning of our existence.

Why do bad things happen to good people? Why are there innocent children dying? Why do we suffer sicknesses? Death? War? Slavery? Discrimination?

We’re all too familiar with the hard slaps of reality in our lives. It’s never a walk in the park. I used to think that when I get older, everything would somehow be better. Now, my eyes are witnessing even more injustice than ever. Β And just like countless others, I can’t help but ask, “Where is God in all of this?”

Extensive research and myriads of theses have been written about this topic. It’s a seeming flaw in the Christian belief that God loves us and wants the best for us all. Is it really? So, why would he allow us to suffer?


If everything was perfect, would we learn anything? If you didn’t experience all the hurtful things that you did, would you be the strong person that you are now? Would you learn how to deal with difficult people or how to protect yourself from the harsh truths in this world?


Without a theological background, I have no concrete answers. What I know is God’s character. He loves us. He cares for each and everyone of us. He gave us the freedom to choose what paths to take and actions to make, because love must be given freely. We have the choice to love Him, because He didn’t want robots that follow His every command. Unfortunately, this also means we have the option to reject His love and live according to our own ways.

We live in a broken world, with broken people. There is evil all around us, and God probably has a good reason why He doesn’t make it all magically disappear.

I have known pain and suffering as early as I can remember. I have experienced the most horrible form of betrayal there could possibly be, to be hurt by people who were supposed to love and protect me. It has been such a long process, but I have started to realize the importance of my experiences and how it contributes to who I am now today. I strive to make a difference, to let people know that there is light in the darkness.

I can never fully explain why some have to suffer horrendous situations like I did, but I take assurance in knowing that I can rely on our loving Father’s plans.

As the Voyage of the Dawn Treader puts it, “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.”

Could it be that the God in heaven knows so much more than we do? That He can see the bigger picture? That He knows what will happen and what’s good for us in the long run? Could it be that He is protecting us? Or making us stronger?

Pain molds our character. It helps us understand others better. It builds our empathy and compassion. Suffering is an indication that this is not how things are meant to be. We’re not supposed to live miserably. We were meant for greatness, to share in the purest form of joy and love. We were meant to be with our perfect Father.

Extraordinary people


A father can endure seeing his son writhe in pain as the doctor pierces his small body with shots that would protect him from sickness. Why? Because it’s what’s best for him. It protects him. The child may never fully understand why his loving dad would allow the bad doctor to hurt his arms. If he knows his father well enough, he would trust that he won’t do anything to really hurt him. He would trust in his father’s love.


God is no stranger to pain, sacrificing His only Son to be crucified on the cross in the most undignified way possible. Jesus suffered Himself, and He knows how it feels to be rejected, ridiculed, and unloved. If there is anyone who can understand what you’re going through, it would be Him.

Where is God in the midst of our suffering?

I see Him weeping for his dear children, ready to listen when you cry out for help. I see Him allowing things to happen for reasons that may never be fathomable for our limited understanding.

I see him right there with you, holding you tight in His arms.




Do you trust in God’s divine plans in the midst of your pain?




20 thoughts on “Why Would a Loving God Allow Suffering?

  1. Beautiful post! I’ve written a university essay about this before! Thank you for sharing! I love your content and I’m looking forward to reading your future posts.

    Come visit some time!

    πŸ’—, Mena from noirerewritten.com

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  2. This post was full of beauty and positivity. I believe in God and His plans. But it’s just that sometimes we get tired of hurting and being strong. I am not saying that I have lost my faith. No. I haven’t. But like I said before, I think I am beginning to get tired. Your post gave me new hope. I just want Him to not abandon us.

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    1. It’s ok to get tired, Sakshi. I get exhausted and burnt out too. One thing that gives me assurance is knowing that most of the prophets and God’s disciples also went through this feeling of being down. There are entire Psalms that talks about being tired of life. When I realized that I can cry out and tell God ALL of my lamentations, it was very liberating. We can take comfort that He will always be there to listen.

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  3. Liz this is a wonderful post and so inspiring with Love and Light of Him who is ever merciful and he would never want us to suffer cause He is Love but we have to go thru our suffering to know him and that too is all an illusion.

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  4. This is such a challenging question Liz, and one that I still don’t have an acceptable answer for. I often struggle with the St. Austine’s challenge which asks how all 3 of the following statements can be true: 1. God is All Good. 2. God is All powerful. 3. There is evil in the world.
    I try to seek comfort in assurances similar to those you describe so well. That we don’t have all the answers, but we do have assurances the God loves us, and sometimes that means letting us do things that will ultimately cause pain (to ourselves or others).

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    1. It is very hard to see God in all of these. It is illogical. But there is one scripture that makes me think we can’t rationalize everything:
      For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.
      As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.
      Maybe he designed it all like that and , as Liz pointed out, he wants us to trust him even though we do not understand everything. As the song goes, Our Lord knows the way through the wilderness. All we have to do is to follow.


  5. God doesn’t allow suffering because He is pure. Suffering only came about once Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. God loves us and once the best for us.

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  6. Voyage of the Dawn Treader, isn’t that from the Chronicles of Narnia?

    Why do some have to suffer horrendous situations? Maybe they agreed to it, before coming to Earth, to help bring awareness to others.

    I do not believe that pain molds character. I feel that is one of those OLD SCHOOL sayings that needs to leave. Only self-love can build character!

    You ask: “”Do you trust in God’s divine plans in the midst of your pain?””

    Heck yes I do and did when I uprooted 6 months ago, from Michigan and traveled west for a month on total faith and trust in God’s divine plans.

    When we stop watching the news and all the lies.
    When we start looking inward and find the God inside.
    That is when you will start seeing and living a Heaven on Earth!

    Hugz always to ya, Liz. You are very special. You got this!


  7. Very articulate and encouraging post. Thank you for sharing. I just started a blog based on this subject. I especially liked your analogy about the father looking on while the doctor gave his son injections. That fit your point perfectly.

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