Walkway: Reflections On The Stations Of The Cross 2017

Holy Week is when we remember and celebrate the passion of Christ here on Earth. For us Christians, it’s a good time to reflect on our lives and the role of Jesus in it. Although this is something that we should be doing on a daily basis, we have allotted an entire week to completely focus on this.

Here at Bonifacio Global City, there are art installations with reflections to consider along High Street on Holy Week. This is spearheaded by Church Simplified.

It’s called Walkway: Reflections On The Stations Of The Cross, which runs from April 9-16, 2017. This year, I want to share the Walkway experience with you.

I’ve recently posted about Kintsukuroi, so I was ecstatic to know that this year’s art theme was Kintsugi. It means to repair with gold.

We have countless failures and mistakes. We are sinners. We are broken.

Yet God has shown His love for us when He sacrificed his only Son Jesus for all of our sins, and He redeemed us from our past. With His precious blood, He makes us whole again.













For more pictures, check the full album here.

In the 14 stations, there is a reflection or activity. You will be asked to write down your sin on a paper and nail it to the cross along the way. You will write a letter to God, and also pray for others using cards that you can also write on. You can also carry a wooden cross to have the faintest idea of what Jesus went through during his time.

Here’s a video of the entire experience:

If you are within the area, I encourage you to visit BGC to have this experience. It’s really refreshing to the soul.

If you cannot go, let me give you some action points that you can possibly do within the week to reflect and share the love of Jesus to others.

– Let someone know you love them.
– Pray for your nation (leaders, unity)
– Donate to charity.
– Talk about your grievances to God.
– Pray for someone who needs it.
– Confess your sins to Jesus.
– Tell your family members you love them.
– Thank someone who made a difference in your life.

I hope that you can take some time to do some of these things. Let me know what you think about Walkway, and you can also tell me about your own traditions during Holy Week. See you in the comments!


Church Simplified
Bonifacio Global City
Bonifacio High Street

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