Movie Stars Cafe

One of my nephews, Ezekiel, celebrated his 21st birthday last weekend at Movie Stars Cafe.
It’s exactly as the name suggests, a cafe restaurant filled with all kinds of collectibles from various movies and shows. I wasn’t able to try much of the food (I might have to go back for a buffet to try it), although I did enjoy a scrumptious goldmine of shrimp, fish fillet, and crablets called Treasure Island. 

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What really caught my attention are the interior decorations, life-sized statues of characters, signed photos hanging on the wall, and the live entertainment done by the staff on stage.

Regretfully, I didn’t have my DSLR with me. But I still had fun taking photos of the displays with MK’s Huawei P9. I think his phone takes great pictures by the way, probably due to the fact that the phone manufacturer partnered with Leica.

Here are some unedited shots:


Every single thing you see goes right along with the theme of the restaurant. There was also a scheduled musical show, so it was like having dinner at a theater.


It’s honestly a bit expensive for me, with appetizers ranging from 250-500php to main dishes amounting from 500php-900php. I probably wouldn’t eat there on my own, so I’m glad I got the chance to experience it with some of my loved ones.
Movie Stars EZ 21.jpg
Although the prices could be steep, I think you get your money’s worth with the entertainment they provide as you spend time with your family and friends. It might be a nice place to celebrate special occasions or just do something different once in a while (like watching Optimus Prime, Spiderman, and Ironman dance as you eat).
You can send an email to reservation @ to book a reservation.
Overall Rating:
Address: Seaside Blvd., SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Philippines
Phone: 0905 277 9999

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