Cafe Dozo Japanese Restaurant

I rarely eat Japanese food here in the Philippines because they’re usually quite expensive. So when I saw the menu outside Cafe Dozo Japanese Restaurant, I was hooked. Ranging from 100-200PHP per meal, the prices were affordable for me.

The cafe/restaurant was located in a small busy mall, but it looked quiet and cozy inside. It was perfect because I was craving for something different from what I usually eat.


I just wanted a light meal, so I chose something from the rice bowls in the menu. Attempting to steer away from my usual order of chicken, I ordered the Beef Bulgogi. One bite of the spicy beef strip filled my mind with images of the Orient.

Beef Bulgogi


I went there with Tommy, who was actually one of our Featured Daily Warriors. He’s in the Philippines right now for missionary work, but he’s going back to the U.S. soon. We’ve only communicated online, so it was amazing to meet this man after God’s own heart in person. (If any of you plan to visit Philippines soon, tell me. Okay? :p)


He initially ordered a mango smoothie but changed it, saying that good conversations go well with tea. I’m not much of a tea/coffee person, but he is. He said the tea was great in the U.S. but this one wasn’t that bad.

We asked for sugar, and we were both surprised that the server gave it to us in liquid form. It was funny to see Tommy, someone who has traveled across different countries to preach the gospel, say “I’ve never seen that before.”



He loves sushi, but I couldn’t eat raw fish. He wanted to pick out something I might also like, so we decided on a compromise with an order of California Maki. I’m not sure why it’s called that. Is it from California? Does anyone know? I’m guessing Dolly, who knows most recipes’ origin stories, might know.

This one elicited a “Wow! This is gooood!” from Tommy. Of course, I immediately had to taste it for myself. It was close-your-eyes-and-shake-your-head-saying-mmm good. I can’t describe it. I’m sure you know EXACTLY what I mean.

California Maki


If you’re living within the area and want some Japanese food, this would be a good place to go.

Although we had to leave because two men started cleaning the A/C with a noisy machine that we couldn’t hear what each other was saying, it was a really nice cafe restaurant to catch up with a new friend (right before the A/C cleaning thing).

Overall Rating:


Address: Rublou Market Place Brookside, Ortigas Ave. Ext. Corner Sunset Drive Brookside Hills Subdivision, Cainta, 1900 Rizal

Phone: (02) 477 8186

Store Hours: 10:30AM–11PM

P.S. Do any of you like Japanese food? How’s the Japanese food where you live? How much is it, usually? Hope you’re all having a good day today! ❤



16 thoughts on “Cafe Dozo Japanese Restaurant

  1. Thank you for giving me a shout out, dear Liz, and yes, I do know. California maki, otherwise known as California roll, has been invented in California as a non-traditional combination of fish and fruit (crab or imitation crab and avocado or mango). I make mine with both avocado and mango and call them Tropical rolls. You can call stuff them with anything you want and then call them anything you want!
    I am glad you had a good time, as I can see by your happy face!

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