The Truth about Being a Daily Warrior

As the days pass, I wonder what it means to be a daily warrior. As much as I would like to be cheerful and positive all the time, that’s just not the way life works.

There are days when I feel bruised, broken, and shattered. In those times, I might not want to go outside or even bother with anything in my life. I may withdraw from the world, keeping my social contact to a minimum.

I didn’t want to show that side of me, because this is a DAILY WARRIORS blog. As the creator and founder, I’m supposed to be brave. I’m supposed to have my life together. Isn’t that how it should be? How else can I write about the motivational or inspirational things?

I realize that this way of thinking is wrong. I hope to inspire and motivate others, but this is also a personal account of who I am and what I go through. That includes the dark clouds and the storms.

I want this to be real.

The truth is… I’m afraid.

I’m afraid almost all the time. I tend to think too much and feel too much.

Life overwhelms me. The past haunts me. The future scares me. 

But I keep holding on. I keep moving forward. There are seasons when I end up taking several steps backwards, and it gets frustrating. But I won’t give up.

I won’t give up trying to overcome my weaknesses.

I won’t give up believing that I am stronger than my past, and I am not what I have been through.

I won’t give up having faith, no matter how many doubts try to devour my thoughts.




Three things have remained constant in my life.

  1. God has always been there to guide me through everything, even when I didn’t feel it to be true or I had my back turned away from Him.
  2. Becoming a better person is a daily choice I have to make.
  3. Having emotional and moral support is a vital part of my self-development.

My triumph as a daily warrior is not possible without the people who support me every step of the way.

This blog will continue to be a mind map of all the things that help and inspire us to be better. As I write whatever comes to mind, I will always hope that someone else will read it and be equally inspired. And at times, feel the pain.

I personally like to visit the Hall of Daily Warriors and Hall of Valor pages to be inspired by the different stories from other daily warriors who are part of this community.

I hope with all my heart that when you step into this space, you will feel that you are not alone. Because the truth about being a warrior is… we are stronger together.





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34 thoughts on “The Truth about Being a Daily Warrior

  1. Hi Liz,
    Really loved your about page! It is hard to step out and up and into the spotlight and say (like they do in AA), Hi, my name is Liz and then go on to share about yourself. I know I am horrible about doing that, especially in person. On paper or on a screen makes it a little easier for me and hopefully it has and will for you too. We look forward to following you on your journey (and on your blog). I support you!!

    Thanks for following me!! You might enjoy the posts, “The First Baby Step Of The Reluctant Poet” and “I Am Blessed”.
    Have a Blessed Day!

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    1. Hey Charles, I can’t recall how I stumbled on your blog anymore (even if it was just a few hours ago, my memory fails me all the time). It’s another case of a journey of a thousand sites beginning with a single click, I guess. But I am really glad to have found your blog.

      The first thing I check on a blog is the “About” page, and yours had this cute photo of a boy that I assumed was you. Anyway, the poetry was enough to reel me in for a follow. You seem like such a great guy.

      I look forward to more interaction with you here on WP. 🙂

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      1. Oh Liz,
        I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful reply and what it means to me in so many ways!!! Wow! First of all, thanks for following me. If you had not “Stumbled” on me (I love to find people and things that way) we would have never met and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy your blog and posts! In addition to that I am so excited about the way your reply has given me the “spark” of inspiration that I have been looking for in how to capture the story about how my wife and I met!!

        Your “single click” comment did it! Thanks!!! It was just what I needed to get a start (kind of like the beginning of the movie “Throw Mama From the Train – a comedy). I have been searching for the right way to tell how we met on The heading of my profile is honestly the best four words I have ever written in my life!! Why? Because it caught the one click in the world that was able to change my life completely!! Thank you, thank you! I’m looking forward to writing this.

        I should probably tell you what those four words were – but I won’t! Ha! I am going to leave you in suspense until I get it written and posted.

        I am so, so glad you did find my blog and are following me. I feel the same way about finding you and now being able to follow you! And yes, that is a photo of the younger better looking me. There is a story about the posting of that too, but I will save that for another fun interaction in the future as I have been excessively long winded already.

        Bless you, Bless you, Bless you!!!!


        1. It feels great to have sparked something within you from our simple interaction here. I am looking forward to your post. And I must say, I am intrigued to watch “Throw Mama From the Train” now. Haha!

          P.S. We have now until ??? to get to know more of each other. Glad to meet you, friend.


  2. For many of us everyday is like a battle. ..battle with many things and particularly with self. ..and we are all warriors…and we keep on going with positivity, enthusiasm and lots of hope. ..we are all in this together. was really good to come across your blog. …hope we will interact more. ..😊👍👍

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  3. Hi Liz:
    I am glad I have found you here. I like your focus and intention. I too consider myself a warrior in training. I have a little different take on thoughts and feelings, that I have learned. These arise for a reason and I watch them, be with them, allow them to drift through me. I do my best not to label as good or that I should or should not feel or think a certain way. If I do I am in conflict with myself. I watch, as an impartial observer. Bless you and thank you for sharing.

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    1. Thanks for the feedback. What you do is actually something that I’m training myself to. Accept feelings as they come and go. A conflict arises within when there are emotions denied to be felt.

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  4. This is so inspiring! You’re so real and I must say that I relate a lot when you say that you’re almost afraid all the time – the past, present and the future. But, each day is a challenge and overcoming it should be our motto. Thank you so much girl! 👍👏

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    1. (virtual hugs) ❤ Sending love your way, Anaida! I just wanted to make sure you guys know that I'm going through some stuff too, even as I maintain this inspirational blog. Thanks for being so encouraging as always.

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  5. This is exactly the kind of transparency I have been working on to do your Valiant Blogger Award. Proud of you!!! You rock and I am glad to call you friend.

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    1. Thank you. That means a lot. I am glad to be your friend too, and a sister in Christ. ❤

      Writing like this makes me feel vulnerable, but it is liberating at the same time. This community is accepting and encouraging, so that helps a lot.

      You can take all the time you need for the award (and you don't have to limit yourself into 200 words). Write what you're comfortable to share. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  6. I’ve found that I inspire people most when I’m vulnerable and honest on my blog and now I know how they feel reading this post. Strength isn’t just taking pain and suffering in silence. It’s reaching out to others for help even when you think they may not understand. It’s being honest about your problems that maybe you don’t have a handle on everything just yet. 🙂 Stay strong, daily warrior.

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    1. Your comment made me smile and feel warm and fuzzy. Haha! ❤ ❤ ❤

      "Stay strong, daily warrior."

      I have a feeling that we'll be saying that statement to each other every once in a while… It's comforting to have such wonderful people like you here. Thank you so much, Jasminder.

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  7. Incredible post Liz! Sometimes I want to share on my posts that the reason I am willing to share my ongoing struggles is because I know they are temporary. I share them because I want others to see… yes here is a challenge… and then… Oh look! There IS a solution. – confidence in the outcome is where/how I approach everything. It may not always appear that way in one post, but I try to follow it up when relief appears, on the next post. Bringing truth to the light. As they are exposed, they diminish. Does that make sense? 🙂 xoxo

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    1. Yes, actually. Thanks, Janet. I guess I’m not quite in that place yet where I can bare all. I think I’ve just been too used to keeping my struggles to myself, so writing them out in the open is a bit of a new thing for me.

      That’s actually one thing I’m coming to realize in this journey. I want to share how I’ve grown and overcome some things. How great and awesome God is in my life, and everything I’ve done to toughen up in life. But I feel like the story will be incomplete if I don’t share some things that are vital. And those things, I’m not quite sure when I will be ready to write about at times.

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      1. My story started by writing to myself…in book format. That helps! Nobody read but a couple people. Then editing for public view got easier and easier. Plus it helped me heal in the process. ❤

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  8. Thanks for sharing the true you with us readers. I know that is NOT easy!! I will be praying for you. I pray that God will strengthen you in the areas that you may feel weak. I pray that you will grow into what God has for you. I see a mold of some sort, it is like a large human cast-mold. You are standing in the mold, it is a mold from God, not of this world. But, you are standing in it and it is much larger than you. God is going to be showing you things and teaching you things that are going to force you to grow deeper into Him. He is going to be taking you to places that will strengthen you, for the glory of God. Right now, you are much smaller than the cast-mold, but “Do not fear” says the Lord, “I am with you, always.” I am hearing, that ‘this is a season of growth.’
    I declare theses things in the name of Jesus. Amen.

    Have a fantastic day!!

    Through Him,
    Your sister in Christ💙💚💛

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    1. Thank you so much for this needed encouragement from a sister in Christ. I believe I am in a pruning process, as there are still a lot of aspects of my character that God is trying to reach within me. It’s been a long process, and I think I have a long way to go. Having people like you on here is a great blessing in my life. God is amazing that He even led you to this page, to write those very words I needed to hear right now.

      You are a wonderful person. Much love to you. ❤

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      1. Anytime! I initially thought I was just going to write the first sentence that I wrote, but God gave me much more to say! Thank You Jesus!

        Thanks! You are an encouragement to me. I really have been enjoying your Teen Day Devotions!

        Much love to you, too💛

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  9. For me, your blog has always remained consistent and true to its purpose since the time you’ve decided to pursue and impose coherence to it. I’ve been a witness to how it has rapidly and substantially grown in following and matured in content. I am delighted to be a witness of its growth. Importantly, I have been helped by this blog. It has become one of the source of encouragement during my trying times. Occasionally reading God’s word from this blog uplifts my spirit too.
    Now, I’m all the more excited as this blog is transitioning into something much better. I am excited that 2 God-centered persons are collaborating to offer up their stories and views about the things that matter to them to this community.
    Write about the things that matter to you for the world to see. Being vulnerable is the first step to freedom, strength and growth. Jesus’ vulnerability made an extensively huge DIFFERENCE.
    All the best to your blog! You have a fan here 😉

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    1. Sometimes I need to take a while to think before I reply to your comments. It’s just so overwhelming to have this kind of support. I actually saved this comment, to read in the future. :p

      I’m also a fan of your blog and writing, so I guess the feeling is mutual. Haha! I sense great things coming your way, and I will always cherish the special connection we have as blogger friends no matter where this journey leads us both.

      Thank you for always being a reliable brother in Christ. You’re definitely one of the strongest daily warriors I know. 😉

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      1. Thank you for believing in me and my blog, Liz. Glad to know that we’ve got each other’s backs on our respective battles. Let’s rock! For the love of writing, friendship, our generous and caring blogging community and most especially of God!
        All the best to us! 🙂 Always…

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  10. No one can stay happy and motivated at all times.. the fear of past and future haunts everyone.. sharing your fears with others really are rejuvenating and it’s the best way to terminate those fears.. so express whatever you feel whenever you feel sad..

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  11. I appreciate your commitment to sharing the real you, not just the one you think you should be. It takes courage to share our struggles. Make friends with all of your feelings. Keep on being the you that you are meant to be.


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