TDD #7: Loved and Valuable

Note: It’s best to listen to the song while reading. 🙂

Have you ever felt left out and alone? No one pays attention no matter what you do? Do you feel left behind because you can’t make friends? Do you feel pressured by your peers to do things you don’t like?

Do you feel unrecognized for your efforts? Have you felt disconnected to all? Do you feel like you can’t open up because people might betray you?

Do you feel like your voice is unheard? Do you feel like no one cares?


Guess what? The Creator of the universe cares for you.


He knows you by your name. He knows everything you’ve been through, who you really are, and what you could be. He’s fully aware of your strengths, weaknesses, mistakes, failures, and achievements.

GOD loves you. Imperfections and all. He always has and always will.

You can talk to Him about anything at all. You will recognize His comforting voice and become closer to Him the more you speak to Him in prayer.



Do you realize how valuable you are no matter what?





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11 thoughts on “TDD #7: Loved and Valuable

  1. Beautifully and boldly said. I love that song, too! Some people in the world will never hear us or even show their care fully of and to us. But God…(I love those two words put together)…loves us fiercely and fully. We are His, imperfections and all.

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