Early Valentine’s Gift

We were at the bookstore yesterday, when I saw the Gravity Falls Journal 3 book. I squealed in excitement. “I have GOT to have this!”

He didn’t seem too interested as he looked through the pages of one of Richard Dawkins’ books. “Go, buy it.”

“I don’t have enough money yet. I’ll come back for it soon.” I said.

Today, he suddenly went up to me with something in his hands. “Could it be?” I thought to myself. He slowly pulled out a book from a Fully Booked plastic, and there it was. My very own Gravity Falls Journal 3.

Me admiring Journal 3.jpg

I was speechless. I just stared dumbfounded as he grinned at me.

“I couldn’t wait until Tuesday to give this to you.” was all he could say. I must have had the biggest smile because he added, “I’m happy for you.”

I love chocolates, but THIS is the best Valentine’s gift ever!

Here’s a sneak peek inside the book:




P.S. In case you’re wondering, violet IS my favorite color.


21 thoughts on “Early Valentine’s Gift

          1. Hahaha! Yeah, my publisher is in the States, but I’m proudly Pinoy 😉
            Aw, not yet at National Bookstore…I haven’t talked to them (though I’m planning to real soon). So for now, my book is available online (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc…) However, we ordered a shipment of books for people who want the hard copy without the shipping charge, so we do meet-ups in Parañaque, Alabang, and BGC 🙂
            I’m so amazed at this huge yet small world!

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            1. That’s so amazing. Seriously. Having a book published, I mean. Haha! Plus the idea that you’re just around the area where I am.

              When are you going to BGC again? I want to have a copy of your book. How much is it? Or should I email you?

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