TDD #6: Beautiful Things

It’s important to care for your skin, hair, and body. Looking presentable and wearing nice outfits can help boost your confidence as well.

However, you don’t have to feel insecure about your body all the time. You don’t need to keep up with all the trends in fashion if that’s not who you are. Wear what you like and what’s comfortable for you.

Be secure in your own skin. Love what you have, and take good care of it.

Don’t ever base your worth on outward appearances. Lasting beauty comes from within. It radiates from the gentleness and goodness from your heart.

1 Peter 3:3-4

“Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.”



1. What does true “beauty” mean to you?
2. How often do you compare your looks with others?
3. When was the last time you admired yourself in the mirror?


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10 thoughts on “TDD #6: Beautiful Things

  1. 1. To me, beauty is someone who’s comfortable in their own skin.
    2. I don’t really compare myself to others, I just look at other people and think “wow they’re pretty.”
    3. A couple days ago I think

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  2. Slowly starting to believe in myself and accept myself – both in appearance wise and internally.
    Sometimes I falter, but I won’t give up!

    Thank you-thats a beautiful saying you’ve posted

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      1. Thanks for allowing me to add that to your post comments. The Proverbs 31 woman is smart, successful in that she buys land and sells merchandise, keeps a family going, and is blessed by her family for being such a great woman! Sounds like that would fit in pretty well with woman and their wants today! Take care Liz…

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