I used to carry around a small brown teddy bear everywhere I went. I imagined that he liked traveling as much as I did. I named him Aeschylus, while learning about the “Father of Tragedy” in history class.

In college, my best friend had to leave for another country. I thought it was time for Aeschylus to venture into a different part of the world, so I let him go along.

Not too long afterwards, my best friend sent a package from abroad. She found a small teddy bear that looked exactly like Aeschylus, except that it was in my favorite color: purple.

I named him Achelous, which means he who drives out grief”. In a way, he does.

Maybe someday, he will be reunited with his twin Aeschylus. Who knows?

Achelous was feeling extra glamorous yesterday, so I took some photos at the office lounge. He also wanted to be featured here on my blog, so here’s the critter:






“Adults are only kids grown up, anyway.” – Walt Disney







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