VOTW #5: Love With Actions

“Actions speak louder than words.”

We always hear this phrase, don’t we? How many times have you experienced someone telling you something, but they do the opposite? Have you ever gauged someone’s love for you? Do you think about their words or what they actually do?

Chances are, you would feel that a person cares when they SHOW you. Words without actions, when it comes to relationships, are dead. Would you believe someone who says “I love you” if they never gave you the time of day? Would you feel that a friend cares for you if they don’t really listen?

Communication also plays a vital role in all kinds of relationships. When you have open communication with someone, you learn to understand them better. You become closer to each other.

In our relationship with God, the greatest way to show Him our love is through obedience. We also grow closer to Him as we communicate with Him through prayer and reading His Word.


Love itself is not just a feeling. It is an action word. That’s exactly why we are told to love one another or each other. It’s something we DO, and not just say.


How can you SHOW your love to someone today?


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