Daily Warrior: Jasminder

There is a saying that “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.” and every Featured Daily Warrior has definitely come a long way. We will tap into their life experiences and wisdom as we get to know them one post at a time.

Our Featured Daily Warrior today is Jasminder.


Her goal in life is to teach others about human potential, and she’s very good at it. She talks about mental health challenges and triumphs on her blog, and her insights are always so thought-provoking and encouraging.

One of the best examples would be her post about making choices, Meditation Journal Entry #3: My Choice.



Describe yourself in 3 words. Ambitious, creative, and stubborn.

What does your typical day look like?
My typical day looks like getting ready for university, going to university, coming back home and letting the chaos unfold. Also known as homework, random dancing, blogging, crafting, singing, meditating, talking to my family, and whatever else I have time for.

What or who is your daily motivation?
My daily motivation is to get one step closer to achieving my dreams: writing and fighting the stigmas around mental health. Though I guess I’m doing both at the same time right now.

In 1-2 sentences, what can you say about the world today?
In some ways the world is the same, but in others it’s completely different.

What was the greatest challenge in your life? How did you overcome it?
The greatest challenge in my life was healing after being bullied. (I’m still working on the remnants of that by the way.) I got through the thick of it by writing poetry everyday to express myself and crafting to open up my mind.

(Check out her amazing tutorials in crafting!)


Terrarium Tutorial


Little Zen Garden Tutorial


Locket Tutorial

What do you tell yourself when you feel like giving up?
Honestly, I tell myself that I’m a giant hypocrite if I give up. Because my blog is all about perseverance and human potential so I should aspire to be a living example of that. I mean I’m okay with failing every now and then because I also preach mindfulness and acceptance, but there’s a difference between not being good enough and quitting. However, on the same token, sometimes it’s better to quit because you ended up on the wrong path or you’re really not capable. It’s a giant gray area and I’m contradicting myself now! XD


What advise would you give our Daily Warriors? 

My advice to your Daily Warriors is to always be true to yourself. Seriously, trying to fit in is overrated and never works. I’ve tried. People see through it and then your own identity becomes all muddled and ruined, and you spend half your life in an existential crisis trying to figure out where you belong. I’m being very specific because that’s exactly what happened to me.

Also, you can’t chase your dreams if you’re lying to yourself about what you want, and there’s just no point in living in a way that doesn’t ignite your soul. (I know there’s an inspirational quote about that somewhere!) If you be yourself and follow your path, you’ll be amazed at where you end up.


I don’t mean to show off but I sometimes am shocked at where I’ve come. A couple years ago, I didn’t show my writing to everyone and now I have a blog with over 400 followers. My self-esteem used to be crap and it got to the point that I self-harmed but now I’m two years clean and keeping people away from that path. A couple years ago, I could only dream of studying Psychology, but here I am with my dream major at my dream university.

You can make your dreams come true if you stick to them. Honestly, don’t talk about them too much, just get started on them.

I hope that you liked reading about our strong, creative, and intelligent Jasminder. Continue to be inspired by her wisdom through her blog, Confessions of a Reborn Girl.

You can also check out the Hall of Daily Warriors page to know more about the lives of other daily warriors.



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23 thoughts on “Daily Warrior: Jasminder

  1. Omg! This is so inspirational! Amazing questions and equally amazing answers..u guys did a great job….😊😊
    N I no i keep saying this Jasmin…but u r just awesome!!!! 😁😁


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