Hall of Valor


The Valiant Blogger Award is for the blogger who is brave and courageous. It is dedicated to someone who, despite being faced with the most difficult obstacles in life, chooses to fight on and never give up. It is for the lionhearted, one who faces fears and challenges, who has become an inspiration to others along the way.


This page is dedicated to all the daily warriors who have been nominated for the Valiant Blogger Award. Read their individual stories as triumphant daily warriors.


Sanjita – Cluster of Stars (winning over procrastination)

“I realized that nobody can stop me from procrastinating except for myself.”

Riya – Aestheticgraphy (winning over emotions)

I tend to divert my mind by doing some things that I enjoy like playing my guitar or watching my favorite show on TV.”

Elizabeth – The Comfortable Coop (winning over cancer)

“No matter how big or small the problem is it can feel overwhelming. But telling yourself that you will succeed helps you to do just that.”

Andrei – Thought Avenue (winning over grief)

“Make it a habit to say “I Love You” to all your loved ones, will you? No matter the day or the circumstance.”

Maggie – Dreaming of Guatemala (winning over uncertainties)

“Learning to trust in the Lord is a life-long process.”

Anika – ihaveabadsenseofhumor (winning over oneself)

“Talk about it. The second you let it out it’ll be like the burden is already much smaller.”

Bruce – My Struggling Heart (winning over heart problems)

“Go after your problem or struggle and conquer it!!”

C – The Busy Bookworm (winning over suffering)

There will be times when you feel completely alone, even when you’re surrounded by people, but you need to keep moving forward no matter what. “

Designer Pratosha (winning over judgments)

“Know what went  wrong and do what you can to make it correct , judgements will never affect you.”

Rye – A Journey To My Life… (winning over change)

“Before you complain, trust God first then trust yourself and the people around you.”

Jirah Merizz (winning over anxiety)

“If you found a boulder that’s clearly blocking your good path, make a way to pass through it.”

Dinosaurs, Donkeys, and MS (winning over MS)

“Remember that no week/day/moment is the same so even if you’re having a really bad one it doesn’t mean the next one will be.”

Swati – Scattered Sentences (winning over anxiety)

“The best way to help us is by listening to us, by empathizing with us, by being there for us. we don’t expect you to be our therapists, but we don’t need you to remind us of our shortcomings when we beat our self up about them so often as it is.”

Jen – Tripping Through Treacle (winning over MS)

“Talking and self-love are so important – put your needs first and don’t be afraid to rely on others if needed. Those that are truly special will not mind at all if you do.”

For the Fellow Wounded – Weaving Wounds (winning over deprivation)

“Give up regretting everything you are missing out on. Give up believing others have it all.”

Janet – Endless Rivers (winning over alcoholism)

“ALL things and people will inevitably let you down, or leave you at some point. What you must find, believe in, trust, and surrender to, is the ONE thing that is constant; never changes, never lets you down, and never leaves you… and that is God- your Higher Power.”

Dolly – koolkosherkitchen (winning over an undetermined diagnosis) 

“Keep active and move, physically, mentally, and emotionally as much as you can, and then a little more every day – this way problems never have a chance to catch up with you!”

Lucia – Hang Out With Lucia (winning over grief)

“Don’t do things to please others. Do things for YOU because only then will you be happy, only then will you succeed.”

Spear Fruit (winning over depression)

“…strength; I think that it is probably in all of us, it is in all of us somewhere.  And when we need it the most, I think we all can reach deep down and grab it and use it and get through any difficult situations we may be going through.”

Cheri – Joyously Hopeful (winning over shame)

“Life doesn’t always go as planned. Bad things can and do happen to good people. My faith in God may not have prevented negative things from happening. But this I know, my faith in God has seen me through each difficult experience.”

Mary – Reflections From the Heart (winning over low self-esteem)

“You don’t have to be a product of your environment. You can rise above the ashes and become stronger than any storm that tried to take the wind out of your sail.”

The Naughty Cub (winning over pain)

“You are the owner of your own mind and heart , never let anyone pull you down!”

Terri – Reclaiming Hope (winning over fibromyalgia)

“One little spark of hope can light the darkness and show you the next small step you need to take to get through whatever you’re facing.”



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31 thoughts on “Hall of Valor

  1. Great idea this 😊 I have to apologise…I haven’t contributed anything for the video as I’ve barely been coping lately and life has just below full on. I’m really sorry I didn’t do what I promised 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Summer its okay. I know how it feels to struggle through the day so its no problem at all. Besides, I know we have a special sisterly bond, you and I. Haha! Well, at least I think and feel it. Hope you do too! I’ll actually be waiting for the whole day before I compile everything. And the 10 second video could be anything you want at this point. People send me videos of raising eyebrows and eating for 5 seconds. Haha!

      Much much love!!! :*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We are sisters 😁 Are you on FB? Could we connect on there? Or messenger? I have not been on wordpress hardly at all.


  2. hey liz! being somewhat technoprimitive, i’m not being able to allow a trackback to your blog, although i’ve tagged it and stuff and put the award up on my blog and everything. could you please help me out in this regard ?


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