The Versatile Blogger + Blogger Recognition Award

I recently posted about some blog awards, so I felt so much love with being nominated for 2 awards again. You guys are so nice! ❤



The first one is from the lovely Christine of Her blog has some awesome posts about organizing and cleaning the house, parenting, baking, and everyday life. She also sews as a hobby, and you can see her cute creations on her FB page: LittleCherryOwl

She nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award, where you give a story of how your blog started and give tips to new bloggers. You can check my response in these posts:

How Daily Warriors Started
Blogging Tips for Beginners

The second nomination is the Versatile Blogger Award from idiotviews, who has a blog with posts full of wisdom actually. One of my favorites is Letter from a Caring Heart.

For this award, I now present to you…

7 Weird Facts About Me (for today)

1. I take off my shoes when I get to work.


(You’re thinking… Wait, did she just…? YES, I just posted a picture of my socks right this moment.)
2. I like striped socks. (See above)

3. I brought Arla, my current favorite cheese spread, today. (just in case I get hungry)

4. I always bring a sketchbook/notebook anywhere I go. (You never know when you’ll be bored enough to sketch or write a memoir. I also use it for mind-mapping when I get too flustered.)

5. I think headphones are one of the greatest inventions of all time. (and an introvert’s best friend)

6. I have sweaty hands, so this is how I use a computer mouse. (Yep, that’s a tissue.)

7. I had my first real crush when I was 8 years old. (He was a boy who liked to draw mazes on the back of his notebooks, and he asked me to solve them. It was nice. And I hope the bf is not reading this.)

I think every single one of our daily warriors deserve to be nominated for these awards, so feel free to post 7 weird facts about yourself. I’ll be happy to read about them. 🙂



12 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger + Blogger Recognition Award

  1. 😍 love your facts. They are great. I love my headphones – especially when I go on my walks. In winter I work in my socks too (but I generally work from home, so maybe that doesn’t count hehe) stripy and wooly are my fave.


  2. Well… whoops! I thought you’d be the type to get awards all the time, but… I’ve still nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award. Feel free to ignore it, haha. I’m just glad I had an opportunity to share your blog with others. ^_^ And congrats on those awards! I love your socks.

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