Surprise Visit!

Guess who came to visit me? Our very own Featured Daily Warrior Sab!


I’ve been kind of a hermit lately (Is it the quarter life crisis? Lol. I haven’t been going out much.) For some reason, she decided to come over to my city for ice cream. (BaskinRobbins)


It went something like this:

(me, JMS, Sab walking in silence)

JMS: Aren’t you going to talk?

Me: (points to temple)

Sab: Telepathy.

Yep. So I may not say much in person, but I probably make up for it in written words?

I really do appreciate these simple gestures of care and friendship. So thank you for brightening my day, Sab. I just want everyone to know what an awesome friend you are. 🙂



P.S. The ice cream was heavenly! ❤




Pralines n’ Cream
Caramel Turtle Truffle




Note: In the video, we’re speaking in Filipino, our native language in Philippines.

(JMS was discreetly and randomly square dancing in front of me)

Me: *laughing* Why are you square dancing?

JMS: Mind your own business! (jokingly) It’s better than your dance.

Me: You can’t even do my jogging chicken dance!

(JMS does the jogging chicken dance)

I think mine was better. :p


9 thoughts on “Surprise Visit!

  1. You’re welcome, Elizabeth. You deserve all the good things! Hence, you deserve me HAHAHA *super conceited laugh*

    This is Sab, I’m just too lazy to log in.

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