TDD #3: Suffering

Studying for exams, doing homeworks, staying up late for projects… Going to school can be very tiring and challenging. We need to stay organized and do all the requirements given by our teachers and professors.

No matter how hard it gets, we set our eyes on graduating. We know that studying well and persistence in education will ensure a better future for us. 

In the same way, we go through several hardships in our lives. It’s not easy, but we are molded with each trial we overcome.

It helps us to become stronger than we ever could have been, holding on to our values and beliefs. In the long run, we can be assured of something amazing awaiting us in eternity.


This will be the best time of our life as we encounter Your love again.
Here with You our hearts will come alive as we declare Your praises.

– This is Our Time, Planetshakers –

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