Princess #8

Princess #7
It’s better to play the song before reading.

“Hope isn’t here.” Sorrow told Responsibility.

“WHAT?! WHO IS THIS!?” was the response.

He cringed and pulled the ear piece away from him. “Look, that isn’t even important. Didn’t you just hear me?” He sighed and stared at the broken glass windows. “She’s gone.”

“Who are you? Where is she?!” Sorrow was starting to feel very uncomfortable. He did not like Responsibility’s tone at all.

“It’s…” He looked around the room. “It’s Sorrow.. and I have no idea.”

“Sorrow? Tell me exactly what happened…”

He could feel his eyes welling up. “I just came by to visit my friend.”

He felt like the ceiling was whirling and the walls were closing in around him. He dropped the phone, and collapsed to the floor.

“Where could she be?” he faintly heard Res continue. “Could you try to see if she left anything?”

Sorrow felt dizzy and sick to the stomach. The only person he could trust was gone, and he didn’t know where she was.

“Hello? Are you there?”

He put his left cheek down on the living room carpet. It was comforting.

“Sorrow?! Please answer me. Princess needs her.”

He drowned out the sounds, and hummed himself a lullaby.

“I’m coming over.” was the last thing he heard before he closed his eyes.

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