Is Social Media a Black hole?

Today I posted this on Facebook after an hour of browsing nothing in particular and asking myself, “Where on earth did the time go?”

Notes to Self:

– Buy an alarm clock.
– Keep your phone away from the bed…
– …to stop reaching for the phone after waking up.
– Social media is a blackhole.

I seriously need to follow my own advice on avoiding procrastination: START THE DAY RIGHT.

To me, that means a prayer of thanks for another day and setting my mind to do what needs to be done for the day (not reaching for my phone).

Unfortunately, it’s become a habitual thing. I tend to get distracted with clicks here and there, without a particular goal in mind. Before I know it, an hour has passed.

I can’t totally cut off social media like Facebook, where most of my close friends and sisters check on me from time to time. Here in Philippines, FB Messenger has become a substitute for calls and text messaging. It’s a way to communicate, plan events, update groups.

Tomorrow, I vow to buy an alarm clock. It may be a simple thing, but that means I don’t need to keep my phone by the bed (I use it as an alarm). I will have to stick to a routine when I wake up: devotion and exercise.


If you’re also dealing with this issue, I encourage you to replace your usual routine with a positive habit early in the morning. Let’s do this together. 🙂

Social Media could be a black hole only IF you let it suck you in. It could be beneficial if used in the right way.

Let’s NOT be this guy:


How much time do you spend on Social Media? Do you have a household rule to moderate using gadgets at home? Do you set a schedule for yourself on when to use Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.? What is your morning routine?

Do share it with us in the comments. 🙂



30 thoughts on “Is Social Media a Black hole?

  1. Hey good for you setting aside the morning for prayer! Social media doesn’t suck me in because I refuse to let it. I’m only on Google+ and Twitter like not even 30 minutes per day. I spend more time on Pinterest purely because finding inspiration takes a while. In the morning, I like to do a quick WordPress check but I don’t have time for anything else because I need to get ready for school. Which means I need to go now! Bye! 😂

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    1. Haha! I like the end of your comment. Have a good day at school!

      I might start doing the internet thing after basic chores from now on. Thanks for sharing your routine with social media. You’re so disciplined!

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  2. Awesome advice! It is so easy to get distracted, you begin by searching/researching one thing and before you know it, you can’t even remember why you started looking! Maybe that’s just me! (Social media can be a black hole if you choose to let it!)

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      1. Because I use it for “work” it’s kind of difficult to set a specific time frame. However I do try to set aside like half an hour in the morning and again in the evening to research personal, non business related items. This allowed me to break up the monotony of my normal day giving me a little bit of distraction.


  3. Thank you Liz, for listening to your ‘self’ and getting that cell phone away from your head (bed) at night. 😀

    You ask, “Is Social Media a Black Hole?”
    Yes it can be.

    About 10 years ago, I fell into a black hole,
    with a ‘baby-boomer’ social media site.
    I can relate to what you feel.

    I ‘weaned down’ from it and walked away, left it behind.
    I have never been a big fan of social media face-book.
    My home is basically gadget free..
    I keep it simple here. 🙂 ren

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  4. This is how I feel as well! My phone is the first thing I turn on and the last thing I see at night. I spend at least 3 hours a day watching something or scrolling through post online. Thanks for the reminder to leave the blue lights for during the day and not at night.

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  5. Yes! I had this issue towards the end of last year and wrote about this exact thing. Facebook is a time vacuum and i disconnected for well over a month. I still do not have Facebook or any Facebook related apps on my phone, however I have reactivated my account purely for my “business” page and to keep that connected and running. As for anything else, I minimalised it severely (groups, pages, friends etc) and in all honesty, I don’t miss it one tiny bit!!!! I kept Instagram, but I find that I can quick check in and then I’m off and barely any time is wasted at all.

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  6. I can definitely see how social media can be a black hole in my life. As soon as I wake up, I check my social media and if I’m not careful I will spend a good 5-10 minutes just scrolling for now reason when I should be getting ready or even doing my college assignments. Great article!


  7. Is social media a black hole?
    Yes, 100% lol. I get distracted by social media so much. I use Twitter a lot and the endless stream of silly tweets and pictures is just too damn entertaining. I end up procrastinating on things such as homework because for some reason I would rather waste my time looking at memes and animals than you know, do the homework that’s due tomorrow.


      1. I try to force myself do to homework at a certain time and on important test days/work days, I block all social medias and focus on my work. I’m really bad at disciplining myself and end up staying up late doing homework lol 😦
        Working on it…


  8. I’m someone who has started spending a lot of time on social and in other people’s affairs more than I’d like to admit. It leaves me depressed sometimes by looking at all the colourful highlights of other people’s lives. Thank you for posting, the struggle is real. From this moment on, I too absolve to take infrequent trip to FB. 😕


  9. unfortunately, we have made this so crucial that we can’t even imagine a life without relying on social media . it’s such a shame that we actually forget how to go out and do the real communication; can’t even introduce ourselves to the strangers. most of all, we tend to ignore the people that we don’t know .


    1. I actually feel a bit sad for most kids today who dont know what it feels like to go and play outside everyday, meet new friends… go biking or play with whatever’s around.. I see them on ipads, etc.

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  10. Being a digital marketer I use social media for my job all day and then I use it for my personal website every evening plus actually using personal accounts to talk to friends…I think it might be too late for me but maybe getting an alarm clock so that it’s not the first thing I see in the morning is good idea. Great post, thanks for sharing.


    1. Ahh.. that’s kind of tricky when you do it for your job.. I guess you can’t avoid it. Although maybe do something relaxing in the morning when you wake up first? ❤


  11. Hi Liz!

    Really enjoyed the article. I’ve been researching technology, social media and the effects they have on teen culture. I recently went to a conference where someone was promoting the Light Phone Thought it might be another suggestion for those looking for tangible ways to “disconnect” from media when they get home.

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      1. Honestly, it’s creating boundaries in a physical sense and provides levels of dopamine to the brain as they get associated with affirmation through media. People are legitimately becoming trained in a Pavlovian response to likes and hits on their feeds.

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