500 Daily Warriors!

Yesterday… I got this notification on my blog:


I was like, Okay. Act cool. Act cool… but it looked more like this:


It might not seem like such a big number… but I had like, 10 followers last October. I didn’t even think I’d reach 300 followers.

I’m overjoyed that people actually want to read what I post about. I write about my own life and the life of others… hoping to share faith, hope, and love to as many people as I can.

The message is simple: We are all daily warriors. There are battles each of us are struggling with, and we are stronger together. Life can get difficult, but we will overcome the attacks of the enemies!

The Daily Warriors Community would not exist without each and everyone of you liking, commenting, and sharing your own insights. As my blog grows with me, I hope that I would continue to inspire as YOU all inspire me each day. Thank you so much!







P.S. You can also check out the Daily Warriors Community on Facebook. 🙂



43 thoughts on “500 Daily Warriors!

        1. Dare I ask what’s your age group? (I’m treading gently…) Haha!

          I was wondering if I should post about this… but it feels like such a big thing! (even if others have thousands of followers, I consider it MY own happy achievement)

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