Modeling: Exercising Confidence

This January, I posted a special birthday request for everyone who wants to participate in awesomeness. (I accidentally re-drafted it, so I had to republish. T_T)

To balance things out, I also mentioned that I will be doing requests from people. One of my cousins told me to create a portfolio as a model in different outfits with make-up and all (with different poses using my own camera). Phew.

This has actually been the biggest challenge by far (and I honestly thought it would be the “hulahoop with a bucket of water on your head”).

I just started working on this challenge yesterday, and I ended up posting 3 Ways to Improve Self-Esteem. Projecting confidence is a lot harder than it seems.

Most of you would not believe it, but I actually have self-esteem issues. *laughs nervously* 

It’s not that apparent on the outside, but if you could hear my inner me… you might end up crying for me. The inner me is harsh and cynical. She has a long list of things that I can’t and will never be able to do. (Don’t we all have that?) We should drown out the voice of that inner critic.

I almost chickened out of this #OOTD challenge. But where’s the fun in that? Besides, I want to live life to the fullest. 

So I’m taking charge and I won’t listen to those thoughts that tell me that I can’t do it. Besides, I think this is a fun exercise to learn poses for modeling firsthand. It will be good to know as I learn more about taking portraits. (Check out these shots of my niece, Kiara. That girl is a natural! She has that connection with the camera.)

After realizing I don’t know how to pose for the camera and highlight my body features, we came up with these shots:


THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who already responded to my birthday request.

To other bloggers who are just reading this now, send me a message at if you want to give joy to this silly girl (A.K.A. me). I am so excited for the video!

P.S. Yes, I colored my hair red on January 1st. 🙂



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18 thoughts on “Modeling: Exercising Confidence

  1. Beeeeauuuutiful shots! Be proud of yourself! I assume you come from a religious setting, those of us, in/from this arena tend to be VERY hard on ourselves. My inner voice use to rip me to shreds till I was bleeding ( on the inside) but I’m surprised I never became a cutter. I guess I would have just felt more guilty!
    Remember Liz, God loves you, just the way you are, that’s why He made you this way. You are making good choices, you have a wonderful heart, now just enjoy the journey which is your life. If God is for you, who can be against you? Most of us can answer that question with “ME”.
    I hope you become easier on yourself at a younger age than I did! hugs

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    1. Hi Deborah.. Thank you soo much for your words of wisdom and encouragement.. Yes, I am a Christian. Sometimes, I get guilty for having negative thoughts ’cause we’re supposed to think on whatever is pure and right and good etc.. Right? But I read this book “It’s OK Not to be OK”… It helped a lot.. Also, we are people too. There is darkness all around us, and sometimes within us.. So everyday, I.. WE.. have to choose to shine and keep on following the Light. .. We are daily warriors! ❤

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      1. This is very true, we must make the choice every second of the day to be in the Light, to reflect the Light. For this to truly make a difference in our world, we must KNOW God as He is, not as He is in some else’s opinion, but in your being! Working together is how He intended it to be. We, as human beings are so much more powerful than I believe most know. This is why the world is in the shape it is, those who have chosen the Light have not really lived the Light, being like the oceans tides that ebb and flow. They only way to truly live a life, we can be proud of is to allow God to work WITH us. We can’t do it without Him and He can’t do it without our letting Him.

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        1. You gave some really valid points.. and I agree that some of “those who have chosen the Light have not really lived the Light, being like the oceans tides that ebb and flow.”

          That’s one of my burdens, actually. I see it time and again.. from people close to me. They already KNOW the Way.. the Truth.. but they choose to live according to what they want.. twisting the Word to what’s convenient. It’s really a sad thing to see. I myself may have been guilty of this at some point.. but I gave it up to God. And I’m trying my very best to live according to His ways, no compromise. No negotiations.

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          1. I think that it is always a struggle to follow a set of rules for the sake of unseen “rewards”. It’s not about right or wrong, it’s all about what’s in your heart. It is all about love, for that is who/what God is – Love. If you want to be loving, to First yourself, then that reflects how you will treat others. The “doing it right”, comes naturally because it is WHO you are. God is quite simple really. There is a difference in being religious than being spiritual. God is spirit, so to truly know Him we must know Him in spirit. Religion wants to try to appease “God” in order to gain favour. We already have favour with God it’s not something we can earn, it is impossible. Jesus only gave 2 commands in his lifetime – love God with your whole being and others as you love yourself. If we accomplish these 2 things, then we are winners!


  2. You look awesome! Negative self-talk was the last obstacle i had to conquer before I could truly consider myself healthy and man was it rough. I’m glad I sought out help when I did because I really needed it to stop cutting.

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    1. I’m so glad you sought for help too. Sometimes it just gets too overwhelming to handle alone. I think that was a brave move to make. It’s not that easy to seek help either.

      You are a conqueror! ❤

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  3. Love the post! And gurl you killed it on the pics. Your hair is gorg!! I just stareted posting on my blog, my recent post is about my first cover as a androgynous model. Would love if yall check it out. love xoxo


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