Teens Day Devotions #1

Riya, one of my blogger sisters, suggested that I post advise for teenagers going through struggles. I thought it was a great idea! Although, I had to think about it for a while and ask for God’s leading.

I decided that I could share my own insights from what I’ve been through or what I have observed through the years. Every week, I will be posting devotions for the youth to apply in their daily lives.

So today, I introduce Teens Day Devotions.


Sometimes, you can be reluctant in doing certain things like trying out for sports, choir, theater, or dance teams.

You could be the shy kid who doesn’t speak up a lot. Or maybe you’re scared that your friends or family won’t like you for who you really are.

God gave you the spirit to be confident. He is with you, and He will empower you. Pray for strength when you’re feeling weak in the knees, and get yourself out there.

Don’t be afraid to be who you are.

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26 thoughts on “Teens Day Devotions #1

      1. I’m on the last cusp of teenhood myself, I’m 18. 🙂 But there are definitely even younger folks on here. I’m glad you’re looking out for them.

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        1. Ohhh 18 was a fun age for me. Haha! I hope it is for you too. Even if the devotion would be directed to teens, I think it would be beneficial to any person at any age. Personally, I still prefer my youth Bible and I’m in my 20’s. 🙂

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  1. Hi Liz!! I LOVE this verse!! It wasn’t until last year, when Jesus delivered me from a spirit of fear. I had been ruled by fear literally my whole life! %% years of fear is a horrible burden, and terrible way to live! There is freedom in Christ Jesus!! He wants to give us abundant life!!
    Thanks for proclaiming the WORD!!

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