Questions That Can Change Your Life

In my year end reflections, I realized that 2016 was an eventful year for me. I went to a trampoline park with my nieces, a hot air balloon festival, had a beach getaway with friends, joined an Apologetics class, got started on my drawing again, became active in blogging, and so much more.

As I was browsing through my new journals for 2017 yesterday, I looked back through my 2016 journal. On the very front page, I saw several questions that I answered. It was then that I realized that the events that happened throughout my fun-filled year was not a matter of chance. I didn’t even remember I did those questions in the beginning of 2016, yet the entire year was spent fulfilling the answers.

I’m so glad that I did the exercise because I believe that doing so changed my life for the better.

Here are the questions:

  1. What do I want to see, discover, and explore?

  2. Who do I want to spend more time with?

  3. What skills do I want to master?

  4. What do I want my everyday life to look like?

  5. What old habits would I like to release? What new habits do I want to cultivate?

The most important question there was: What do I want the THEME of my 2016 to be?

Honestly, 2015 is a year I call the “Dark Ages”. I was going through a bad case of depression at the time, made several wrong decisions, and was on the path to self-destruction.

This is why I decided that the theme of my 2016 was going to be RESTORATION. And that’s what I did. I pulled myself back together and did everything I could to get back to positive thinking and healthy living.

The answers to the questions above set a direction to my actions for a whole year. The result was I had more meaningful relationships, gained true friends, realized my passion in life, and focused on personal development.

This 2017, the theme of my life would be LEGACY. I will live a life that creates an impact on the people within my circle of influence.

If you’re in a confused state or in a bad place in life, not knowing where your future is headed… I suggest that you take some time to reflect on these questions. It will give you a fresh perspective on who or what really matters most to you.

You can share your answers in the comments below or create a post on your own blog.

Then TAKE ACTION towards achieving the answers to the questions.

So what’s it gonna be?

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a gift to be enjoyed..jpg


Here are my answers for 2017:

1. I want to visit more museums/libraries/beaches this year.
2. I want to spend more time with family, true friends, and my church group.
3. I still want to master drawing. (Haha!)
4. I want to start my day with devotion and exercise before going to work. After work, I want some down time with my hobbies before I sleep.
5. I’d like to stop eating when I’m not hungry and procrastinating. I want to drink more water and develop good cleaning habits. T_T

14 thoughts on “Questions That Can Change Your Life

  1. 1. I want to see many people craving & receiving salvation and for them to experience a deeper relationship with our Lord specially my family . To discover more on how I can serve Thee . Explore my productive sides so I will be more useful in the Body of Christ. 2. I want to spend more time with my family both biological & spiritual . 3. Id like to refresh and master my talents on singing and dancing as well as my leadership & management skills for glorifying our Lord . 4. I want my everyday life organize and productive and be able to apply all I learn from my daily Words study. 5. Habits of marinating on negative thoughts is what i need to work on. Staying positive in all circumstances and getting used to regular habit of prayers all the time were those that needs to be cultivated.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your answers to these questions. Now that you’ve written them down, it would be easier for you to track your progress within the year.

      You can check your list if what you’re doing and spending time on is related to these things that are valuable to you. 🙂


  2. These are very important questions to be asking of yourself. I’m glad that you were able to heal last year (I almost said this year, I’m not used to it being 2017 OK?!) 😂 Looking forward to what you put out this year!

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      1. Sure thing!
        1. I want to explore Buddhism and meditation more
        2. I think I’m spending enough time with the important people in my life
        3. I want to get better at writing
        4. I want my everyday life to look like how it does now but with more physical activity
        5. I want to release my habit of overthinking and I want to start exercising.

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