Thoughts for Today


1. Not everyone is happy on a new year.

Some people cannot celebrate the new year as others do, but you can make at least one person smile or feel loved today. Never miss an opportunity to brighten someone’s life.

2. We don’t need to wait for a specific day or time of the year to change for the better.

Do it now, whenever you are reading this. At any given day, we can ask ourselves “What do I need to STOP doing to make room for things that are important? What do I need to START doing to achieve the life I want for myself?”


7 thoughts on “Thoughts for Today

  1. Yes! Especially the not waiting for the start of the year to make changes. Who cares if it’s the 12th of May and it’s a Wednesday. Start today! Don’t wait for Monday, the start of the month, the New Year or for the ever elusive “tomorrow”. There’s no time like the present!!

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