Planning for 2017!

Daily Warriors!
How’s everyone doing? ❤
My laptop has a hardware issue with the screen, so it’s been harder to post daily these days. (It’s turned very dim, like you-cant-see-anything dim) I really hope I get it fixed soon after the holidays. It’s weird not being able to blog as much.
We only have 3 days until Christmas and 9 days left for 2016! I’m feeling a lot better as I spend more time with friends and family, and I’m starting to look forward to next year.
I’ve been contemplating about the achievements I’ve had in the past months and also what would be my short term goals for 2017. I will post about them separately this coming week. I’m very enthusiastic about what’s to come.
How about you? What are your plans for the last few days of 2016?
Share it in the comments! ❤

11 thoughts on “Planning for 2017!

  1. I need to take a break again and do some introspection on this year. I haven’t actually had a chance to do a formal year-in-review like everyone on here yet. So I plan on on meditating and reading some books and lying low. Then jump back into the fray by 2017.

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  2. My new “home” is but a stepping stone…a temporary place to stay.
    I will continue moving forward to my home, that awaits me.
    Good to hear you are feeling better 😀
    Sad that your laptop is ill.

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