Princess #7


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Sorrow was sitting alone in the living room where he talked to Hope only a few days before.

He likes how she seemed to light up any room she was in. He remembered her wearing an apron over her usual yellow dress, carrying a tray of cookies. She smiled at him, encouraging him to eat and get some rest. It was a nice day for him, which is scarce.

He usually visits her when he is feeling sadder than his usual self. He used to spend a lot of time with Princess, but lately she was always busy with Anxiety and Optimism. They seem to have something going on that he was not a part of. He usually felt like Princess did not want him around anyway. She would always find something to do when he was around.

“It’s not my fault if I’m gloomy most of the time. It’s just the way I am.” he told Hope, who was listening to his every word. Her reassuring eyes make him feel like things will be better somehow.

The sound of a phone ringing jolted him back to his senses. He picked up Hope’s phone and silently listened for the other person to say something on the line.

“Hope?” a familiar voice asked on the phone. He’d recognize that firm voice anywhere. Responsibility.

He looked at the open front door and shattered glass windows, wondering what to do. He had no idea what happened here.

When he went to Hope’s place for a visit today… she wasn’t there.

Note: This is a random story with a non-linear timeline that I make as I go along. I started it a few months ago, and I only continue the story depending on my fluctuating interests. I’m still thinking about making a whole story out of it, with better characterization and descriptions of the environment. It’s sort of a writing exercise, while being a creative outlet.. ❤

Up Next: Princess #8

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