The Girl and The World


Once there was a boy, who knew a girl who carried the world on her shoulders.

Every day, he would ask her “Do you need help?”

But she would say, “No. thank you. It’s not that big.”

And the world would seem a little bigger.

One day, the boy decided to give her a gift. (a heart on a necklace)

“I cannot accept that.”

“But why?”, the boy asked. “It’s yours.”

“I’m sorry”, she said. “But I cannot carry any more.”

The boy was very sad.

The next day, when he went to see her, the girl was gone. He waited and waited for her to return.

The sun set. The moon rose. But she did not come back.

Finally, the boy said to himself “I must leave this place.”

He traveled the universe, crossed rainbows, rode comets, painted nebulas, and even tamed stars.

The suns slept, and the moons waned.

But he could never forget the girl who carried the world on her shoulders.

One day, he saw her again.

“Hello.” she said as if she never left.

“Hello.” said the boy, doing his best to seem calm.

“I see that you have gone very far. You must have many things to share. Tell me a story.”

The boy thought for a while. “I have only one thing I want to tell you. I’ve traveled light years, seen many wonders. But I never forgot you. I still carry this wherever I go.” (puts the necklace on the girl)

(Did she take it?)

No. Her hands were full.

He DID help her carry the world.



This short film is a tribute to The Little Prince. It was made by the creators of a Filipino independent film Saving Sally, which is included in this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival.

I’m posting it here because it’s actually my love story in a nutshell.

After years of trying to overcome my internal battles alone (and fighting off commitment issues), I finally decided to stop running away from my feelings for the man I love. Still patiently waiting after my countless attempts to push him away, MK wholeheartedly accepted me for everything I am (baggage and all). Now, we’re working things out in life, together.

Today, we spent the whole day doing things I really wanted to do: eat a lot, have ice cream, play at the arcade, and watch Moana. It was so much fun, and I’m glad to share it with him. (Honestly, I have no idea how he can stand my craziness. My sister’s theory is he is just as loony as I am.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A December to Remember: Treat yourself

We all deserve to give ourselves a break sometimes. We cannot give what we do not have, so let us have time to put ourselves first. The more we love ourselves, the more we can share love to others.





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