She rises up in the darkness
Shines her light upon us
Each and every single day
Even when we don’t see her
She’s up there
A constant presence
Silently watching over us
Until dawn comes along

Thanks to the Philippine Astronomical Society, Inc., my dream of taking photos of the heavenly bodies has now become a reality.

I went to one of their events, an overnight stargazing camp, with a close friend. We set up a tent (it’s funny ’cause neither of us knew how), and enjoyed the night sky. We were in the middle of nowhere, basically. We actually had to hike up a mountain to get to the place. It was an amazing experience.


I really recommend camping with friends or family. Since there was no signal up there, we spent hours talking about life, goals, relationships, and anything we can think of under the stars. The wind was a bit chilly, so we’re covered with blankets. We’d see an occasional meteor, and marvel at God’s creations. It’s really so refreshing to have long late night conversations with a good friend with nature all around us.

This shot of the moon was taken by connecting the body of my Nikon D7000 to a Celestron telescope tube, which one of the facilitators let us borrow. I feel so good to have taken a clear photo of the moon.


It makes me want to get one of those Celestron optical tubes, but I really can’t afford it right now. It gives me something else to aim for, which is motivating.


Psalm 19:1

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”





A December to Remember


5 thoughts on “Luna

    1. You can follow the FB page of the Philippine Astronomical Society from the link in my post.

      They have a few events every now and then. The meteor showers are usually around August and December, I think.

      If you’d be allowed to go, and if I’m going again next year.. maybe we’ll see each other. 😉

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