Hate To See Your Heart Break

Today, I am reminded how life could be so short. We should treasure every moment we have now and stop taking anything for granted. We never know what can happen.

One of my friends at work just lost her father (right after her parents’ anniversary). I’m supposed to write a letter to her for “A December to Remember” , but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

I just can’t think of any consoling words to say because I remember what it was like to lose a parent.

I dedicate this song to her.

For all the air that’s in your lungs
For all the joy that is to come
For all the things that you’re alive to feel
Just let the pain remind you hearts can heal

Verse of the Day:

John 16:22
So with you: Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy.

How do you console someone going through something like this? If you’ve lost someone, what kind of support did you think you needed from the people around you then?


7 thoughts on “Hate To See Your Heart Break

  1. I have lost both parents and a 15 year old son. There is not really a given way to support your friend other than to be present in their lives and listen. To talk a lot is to not help. To listen and listen and listen is the best thing a friend can do. Just let them share with you their feelings offering only your love and support. Grieve with them as friend can do. Love them more than ever and emphasize that you will be there, and mean it. When separate from them, pray for them. May God bless you and your friend.

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  2. For me when I lost my father, I took whatever anyone said with gratitude, and it being the first and hardest loss for me, I understood how hard it was to say something to the griever, and I actually filled in the words for people. Nobody every knows what to say – let the person take the lead, they don’t need words, just knowing that you care is more than enough. Sorry for your friend’s loss. And, I would guess that this post would mean the world to her.

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  3. I am sorry about your friend’s loss. I also lost my father a few months ago, and it is still very hard for me, especially in times of holidays. The only words you can offer are expressions of love and support, and the more, the better. You can try to get her to recall beautiful memories of her father. I found my solace by starting the blog where I wrote about my father and his favorite dishes. She needs to talk it out, to express herself, to get her grief out in the open, but it is only possible with friends and family.

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