Donate Unused Belongings

“Something that’s been sitting in your house, unused and unloved, may bring a great deal of joy to, or fill the genuine need of, someone else. Make their day, and give yourself a pat on the back. Knowing that you’re doing good can make it much easier to part with your stuff.”

– Francine Jay, “The Joy of Less”

Some of the things we own are just on the back of our closets or put away someplace we no longer look. We have possessions that we never or rarely used.

Those clothes we never wear, toys that are not played with, belongings that are just taking up space in our home. Do we really need ALL of these things?

Those clothes could help give warmth to others and those toys can cheer up a child who needs it.


Why not clear up your home from non-essentials, while helping out others in the process? Donate unused belongings.

You can start with the local shelters, church charities, schools, or prisons near your location. If you want to find a charity that will pick up your donations for free, check out Donation Town.

For other options, you can go through this extensive list from Miss Minimalist: Where to Donate Your Stuff


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6 thoughts on “Donate Unused Belongings

  1. I totally believe in this but I have learnt to regift with caution. Mainly, I give away clothes or shoes that I’ve never got around to wearing. Since I get lots of compliments on my style choices, I know that the gifts will be appreciated. The one exception was a navy blue silk v neck dress (it was a size too small for me) that was then regifted with the statement, “normal humans don’t dress like this.” I had walked in on the conversation.

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    1. Ouch. That was a bit harsh. T_T If it were me, I’d feel like a dozen spikes flew through my heart right then and there.

      Some people need to be more appreciative. Lol.

      Thanks for the reminder to be cautious in giving. ❤

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