Photography: Focus

One of the things I struggle with in taking pictures is FOCUS.

According to Mark Hancock, the definition of focus are: 1) The position at which rays of light from a lens converge to form a clear and sharply defined image on a focal plane. 2) The action of adjusting the distance between the lens and subject to make light rays converge to form a clear and sharply defined image of the subject. (Source)

I walked around Makati Park and Garden near my school to relax, and practiced focusing on some birds I found at the park. It was really challenging because they were inside this big cage, but it was also rewarding when I got some clear shots.


See the bars the camera lens had to go through to focus on these majestic winged creatures? When I got a clear shot, I was like “Whoah. Cool!” Haha!

Okay, back to learning.

What is Focus?
Understanding Focus
Where to Focus When Taking a Photo
10 Best Camera Focus Techniques

P.S. Does anyone have an idea what kind of birds those are? I couldn’t find any information by the cage. 

You can check out more photos around the garden here: Makati Park and Garden



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          1. Next time when it comes to birds, you can ask, if it talks back to you, you are lucky, if it doesn’t, nothing is lost except just a little bit of your dignity when somebody else happens to be around, lol

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